November 10, 2009

The Peewee of the Next Generation.

Hair Bow- Vintage, Sunglasses- F21,
Sweater- Vintage, Dress- Vintage,
Belt- Vintage, Bag- Vintage, Shoes- Target

I'm really liking this new photo spot.
Thank you all for the sweet comments on my haircut! Having a heart shaped face, short bangs are something I usually stear clear of, but I think I like them for now. So thank you all for your kind words!

I wore this to work yesterday. My new hair cut has kinda kick started some wardrobe creativity. I've only worn this dress once before, but I really love it. It's a seventies-does-forties dress. You can't see them in this photo, but the sleeves are very 40's. I think I've built it up in my head as being hard to style, but in all honesty when I was looking through my clothing and shoe collections (yes they have reached collection status) I realized I actually have alot to go with it. I even have shoes in nearly every colour in the dress. Must make more of an effort to wear this dress.

Overall though I'd say this was one of my more successful outfits on the other-people-thinking-it-is-cute-and-not-weird-while-still-being-weird front. One of the ladies who works in the front of our office told me I looked like a Midge Doll. I look nothing like a Midge Doll, but it was a nice compliment anyway.

Of course this same lady came into me on Friday and told me she had a Psychic Vision of me. She saw me as the host of a PBS TV show for children called "Ashley's Corner" where I would read my highly successful series of children's books, have a sing along segement with my guitar, and make crafts, all while wearing cute clothes. Then I would go home and (and I quote) "be some sort of cool slut. Like a dominatrix." That sent me into a laughing attack. Yes I get laughing attacks. I always have. They usually last between five-ten minutes and I laugh so hard I can barely breathe, but cannot stop laughing. These are a big hit at slumber parties when you are ten, but not so much at work when you are 22. I laughed for 15 mins. No joke. I thought I was going to pass out. A DOMINATRIX? She compared me to Peewee Herman! Who thinks that is a compliment? I mean seriously! Only in my life people. This lady told this to me, Jessica, and Michael. Yes. My brother-in-law had to listen to this lady talk about me being a dominatrix. But we did conclude that my TV show would be a combination of Reading Rainbow, Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood, Barney and Peewee Herman. My future is looking rather glum.

Has anyone ever told you something weird about your future or is it just me?

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