November 30, 2009

Monday Inspiration #27: It's Greek to me.

This is a little bit of a different format this week. I hope you enjoy it!

I am secretly a huge nerd. Well okay, maybe it's not that much of a secret, but most people don't immediately associate me with intellectualism (they do however think I am obsolete. Inside joke). However, I do have a huge scholastic nerd side. This side is obsessed (and I do mean obsessed) with ancient history. I'm not talking the dates and years of the(insert name of boring ancient war) war. Yes that stuff is tedious and memorizing dates isn't helpful to anyone. I'm talking the actual events and how they happened, and who wrote what about them, and the real people who live so long ago, and the plots and schemes, and prophesies and myths, I love it all. My particular favourite groups/time periods to study are the the Celts (my biggest pet peeve is people who say Selts, not Kelts), Romans, the Vikings (I have huge heritage-al pride), and the Greeks. My mom has this book of Greek myths that I have spent hours pouring over. I know everything (this is a bit of an exaggeration) about Greek mythology. I have been known to drop really embarrassing mythology references in everyday conversation. I even tried to incorporate my love of mythology into my blog's name (the muse part, the yammering is all me). One of my life goals is to spent a summer in Greece going to all the historical places and daydreaming about them (another is to go to Italy and do the same). The point is I really, really, really love Greek myths and the corresponding history.

Obviously I love vintage clothes, and something I've been thinking of lately is how to take more "ancient" clothing styles and incorporate them into my modern wardrobe. We all known that History repeats itself and that includes clothing. Regency era clothing was very inspired by Greek and Roman dress. Especially in women's clothing. While distinct in their own right, the silhouettes of regency clothes were based on that of the Greek and Roman gowns. The colours were inspired by the faded frescoes and mosaics that were beginning to be uncovered (I could give you a whole history of how Archaeology began during this time as well, but then I'd have to give away the name I am saving for my someday band because it's after the original archaeologists), even hair styles were inspired by the many statues being found. It was how they interpreted Greek and Roman dress.

Here are my interpretations of five Greek Goddess' and how I think they might dress today.


Hera was the queen. She was Zeus's wife and did not take kindly to his cheating. She is often portrayed with Peacocks because as legend would have it, she is the reason they have their eyes (it has to do with one of Zeus's many affairs, and a very good story, you should read it.)


Aphrodite, The goddess of love. She had no parents and was born of an oyster. She was married off to Hephaestus, but really loved Ares, the god of war. She bore Eros (Cupid) from an affair with Ares. She is also the reason Paris "stole" Helen (don't get me started. Helen went willingly. Do you hear that Mrs. Eno?).


Artemis was Apollos twin sister. The two were as different as day and night. Apollo was bright as the Sun, and Artemis as cold as the Moon. Her constant companions were a fleet of Nymphs as well as her faithful stag. She made her father promise to never make her marry and any mortal who caught sight of her bathing was turned into a stag to be devoured by dogs.

Persephone by Fraxini featuring 1928 jewelry

Persephone the goddess of spring. Flowers sprung up wherever she stepped and her laughter and joy was so penetrating that Hades carried her off to be his wife. She hated the realm of Hades, and her mother, Demeter the goddess of the harvest, missed her so much, that she refused to turn the earth green again until her daughter was returned. Zeus ordered Hades to let Persephone go, and he did knowing full well she must return as she had eaten the food of the dead, pomegranate seeds. So Persephone had to spend as many months in Hades as she had eaten pomegranate seeds, and her mother was so saddened that the world turned brown. But when Persephone returned, the earth was green again.

Athena by Fraxini featuring Anne Leman dresses

Athena is my favourite. The goddess of wisdom, of artists, of Athens, of weaving, led armies that fought for just causes, and was a remarkable beauty. She is often refereed to as Old Grey Eyes for her striking grey eyes (and that is why she is my favourite). Athena was born out of Zeus's skull and was his favourite of all his children. She was the most gifted weaver in the world. She once challenged Arachne, another great weaver who was a mortal, to a weaving competition. Arachne's weaving was flawless, save that she had made a scene mocking Zeus and his wives. In anger Athena struck Arachne turning her into a spider. And that is why Spider's weave their webs. Athena is one of the most interesting goddess, in my humble opinion.

Who is your favourite Greek goddess? How would you interpret her?


  1. I really adore the outfit you created for Hera. Those peacock accessories are so sweet. I'd never wear it, but I also love Artemis's outfit. I really love how you've incorporated the moon and stag ring into it!

    A really enjoyable post to read. Thanks :)

  2. wow, this is such a refreshing post! I myself love Greek myths and I think you did a great job on interpreting them in clothes. I especially love the Artemis outfit, because you made a classic godess outfit so wearable!! my personal favorite godess would be Aphrodite. I think today she'd be covered in clouds of pink tule and silk. :>

  3. OH, my! I'm breathless. Each time I kept saying "I love this one" and then I would scroll down and see the next!! They are all so amazing. Very creative and definitely goddess worthy.

  4. Hi Ashley, it's Annie from OZ. Loved your email. Was so amazed at a reply (thought you'd think me too forward). I am in the middle of one to you, I couldn't resist. What you said really made me feel great.
    Anyhoo, I can't decide if I would be Artemis or Athena. I love the outfits and want them both. What would people say if I were to wear them? Heh heh heh. Love it. Sweet, sweet blog.

  5. O.k. while I love this a lot, I was going to do a post just like this very soon. You just beat me to it. Dislike.

  6. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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