December 1, 2009

Work In Progress

I had a different post planned for today that is proving to be far more time consuming than I foresaw. So instead I shall show you somethings I have been working on lately. Also Delaney Do not read any further than this point. I don't even know if you read my blog, but to not proceed. You can read tomorrow's post, but not today's. Thank you.

Excuse the gigantic mending basket. At some point this month I will begin to work on it. Also I am very aware that I have a book storage problem.

I may end up getting another strand to go all the way around the door. That one end bugs me.

Um, Yes. Those are my handbags piled on the top shelf of my closet.
um, yes they do span the whole closet.
um, no I am not getting rid of any.

Last night I decorated my room for my absolute favourite month. I may claim that I like other holidays more, but the truth is I LOVE Christmas! I think it's all the glitter and peppermint. I went and popped into Joann's to get three things. Count them, 1, 2, 3. I left $60 poorer. All their holiday stuffs were half off, and I went a little glitter crazy. I also bought some lights, and these berry branch things (I don't care what they are, they are pretty.), which were three for $6.

Funny story. Remember when some nutter called me a Witch? Well when my mom and siblings drove up to the house they thought this sign said Witch instead of Wish.

Chelsea and I made a bunch of hair things for Delaney for Christmas. We're going to let the boys and grace each giver her one because we got a little carried away and now have 11 hair pieces. There is a fascinater/topper hat missing from these photos because it isn't done yet. I'm doing that tonight.

Trust me, there is nothing more fun than ripping apart feathers and flowers and gluing them into new creations.

What are you working on? Any fun Christmas gifts?

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