December 2, 2009

Breakfast at Mimi's, or The Best Day Ever.

On Saturday I woke up early and was not happy about it. I was meeting Bri, Michael, Jessica, Ben, Sarah, Charissa, and Charissa's new boyfriend Ryan for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, which is a French/New Orleans Jazz themed restaurant with amazing breakfast. The quantities are gargantuan, and the coffee is endless. Obviously we love this place. Also they let us be loud and obnoxious and laugh at our many really dumb and mostly politically incorrect inside jokes. Good place.

So why was I mad? Because we were meeting at 8:30 on a Saturday. I was pretty peeved that I could not sleep in. But being the amazingly kind person I am I agreed to it, and got up at sevenish on Saturday. I meandered around grumpily for a while then hopped in the shower. Now the day was overcast and rather gloomy. I scoffed at the sky before I showered. "You don't fool me this time. I'll believe you'll rain when I see it." So I showered. Then I got out of the shower. I walked out of the bathroom in my towel. My bathroom upstairs is broken right now so I had to use the downstairs shower. I walked into the living room and then began to question why I hadn't turned the shower off, when I knew I had. But there was rushing water. I turned back to the bathroom and as I did so, I caught a glimpse of the pool, which was covered in ripples.
The view from my bedroom. The lighting was absolutely beautiful!
I ran out the backdoor (in my towel), into the California equivalent of pouring rain, and proceeded to do a dance. In my towel. Outside. In the rain. So then I realized what I was doing and went back inside, posted a facebook status about how excited I was for the rain, and got dressed all with a very happy smile on my face. It rained most of the morning, then cleared up, then rained again in the afternoon and evening. Oh yeah and I had a good time with my friends.

Actually breakfast was incredibly wonderful! I had Pumpkin Pancakes covered in cinnamon apples. Oh yeah. Ryan was a swell guy and we all sat there for a good two hours laughing and joking and making politically incorrect jokes about each other. Afterwards Bri, Sarah, Charissa and I went to Joann's to get gift making items. Then I had to take Bri home since Michael had freakishly gone to work on a Saturday. And on my way home from dropping off Bri, it rained. I know best day right?
So I went and did a little thrifting, bought Michael's Christmas present, found things I've been looking for forever (later post), and then drove home. And guess what? It rained on my way home. Then I got home, put on comfy clothes, had a cup of coffee, and Chel and I began the things I posted about yesterday. The best part of the day was when Grace woke up and said "Holt freaking crap guys! It's raining!" and insisted on being taken outside to puddle jump. I have taught her well.

All in all it was a lovely day, and a perfect way to wrap up a wonderful week. What did you do this weekend? What is your favourite Breakfast food?

Left to right: Jessica, Ben, Michael (and his well fitting jacket), Bri, Me, Sarah, Charissa, Ryan.

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