December 4, 2009

A day in the life... Or:

When I grow up I would like to be a less awkward person. (written as best my very tired brain can handle)

Last night. Dreamboat. Seriously. Jaw dropping dreamboat. waited 6 hours to hear dreamboat play. Heard preview, knew it would be good, plus I hadn't been called yet (and never was thanks universe). 6 hours. in the mean time i developed a migraine thanks to some Evanescence Wannabe and was up waaaaay past my bedtime. finally. jaw dropping good voice. I melt-sighed. yes. Melt-sighed. He was that good. I decided to go talk to him.

Ashley: (in the voice of a drunk four year-old with a migraine) you've got a really good voice (this is far more amusing to hear me do it. I sounded like the girl at the end of Ferris Bueller who offers Rooney the warm gummy bear. no joke. I gave myself a mental slap on the forehead.)

Dreamboat musician (yes I do actually know his name): (in a rather gracious and pity-filled tone) Aw thanks a lot. (flashes big cheesy, oh look at the little dork girl trying to be cool enough to talk to me grin)

Slightly less dreamy dreamboat: Ha, don't lie to him! (knowing full well I am too awe struck to have a legitimate come-back or even just a semi intelligent thing to say)

Ashley: (turning and pointing a drunken four-year-old finger at SLDD while flashing a seemingly drunken stupor smile at DM) Hey! I trained in Opera for 11 years. I think I know what a good voice.

Dreamboat Musician: *Awkward Laugh*

Ashley flees coffee shop runs to her car and proceeds to cry about being the most awkward human being on the planet and also about not being able to play, however this was actually the lesser of my concerns....

My mother better get used to idea of never having grand kids from me....


  1. My life in a nutshell. Yet I met my very own dreamy dreamboat with a passable voice (but don't tell him that :D).I married and gave the 'rents grandkids (not that they care, I don't have very nice parents but that's a whole 'nother story). You are one wise chick, you see clearly and you are really cute. My hubby saw that in me and some "perfect" person will in you.
    BTW, when you don't want your clothes anymore can I have them? heh heh heh. I hate cats AND clowns and yet would happily buy freakish, creepy china versions of these because...well, just because :D I went thrifting on the weekend and bought a delightful/terrible little Mrs Claus for my cheesy and tacky Christmas display. I told my hubby I'm gonna look like her when I am 60 :D