December 7, 2009

Weekend in Photos

Creepy Cat in Goodwill, I was very tempted to buy it. I don't know why, I hate cats.

The tag said this was my size. Clearly it was not. And this is with the side ties tied as tight as they could! Oh and I was having an ugly face, and hair day apparently.

Creepy Cat in Goodwill #2. I am buying this one if it's still there. I don't know why, I hate cats.

A polar bear necklace.

A 70's plaque thingy. I love it. Shut up.

I'm really not sure how this whole hair thing happened. I walked in my room, looked in the mirror, and bam! I got a view at my huge hair.

Randomest thing ever.

Meet Susan and Billy. My goal in life is to have as many singing children figurines as I can.

Lights at the Mission Inn

Scariest. Thing. Ever. Chelsea and I were obsessed with it.

Nana, Papa, and My great Grandma were in town for a day.

My dad cannot ice skate for the life of him. Neither can Gracie

My action shot. It annoyed my family how good I am on ice skates. I didn't roller blade as a kid for nothing. And I only fell once, because my options were kill a stupid little stationary kid, or fall flat on my face, and bust and bruise my knee. I of course choose the latter.

Grace decided she could do it on her own (ha!).
(my mom took the pictures. Don't blame me. Plus this one was the most flattering to my calves.)

I think Fraser now holds the record for most falls in two hours of skating.

Though Delaney was a very close contender. Poor girl was just horrible at it right until the end when she finally started to get the hang of it! She did love it though!

Eric went right in, fell, got up, fell, repeated about twenty times, then proceeded to speed around the rink until the snotty lady told him he was going too fast. He had no ability to stop without crashing into a wall though.

The lighting in my room was way cool!

Umbrella- ? had it for years, Hat- Target years ago,
Coat and dress- Vintage,
Scarf- Christmas present from and hand crocheted by my dear Charissa last year
Tights & boots- Target
Excuse the melodrama of this photo. Rain was being dumped on my camera and I didn't bother getting a second one

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! What did you do? I found silly things while thrifting, had big hair, had a catty argument with my grandfather who seems to enjoy putting me down (I won by the way, it was actually pretty epic and involved the phrases "well I can pronounce the State of Oregon correctly, so I have a better chance of surviving it than you," and "we all shared that moment, I don't know where you were, but we all shared the moment."), saw scary things in an antique store, went ice skating with my family (I really love ice skating! and am surprisingly good at it), and got rained on. Right now there is rain pittering against my office window thanks to a storm that came in from Canada (thanks Canada!). My hair looks great today. Good weekend!


  1. ooo i really like your hair !!!!!!!
    and those cats are...creppy lol !! i hadde a wonderful weekend and i hate that its over already...

  2. Fraser's knees have the biggest and grossest bruises I have ever seen!

  3. Ha, love the creepy cats and random king kong!!!

    Adore your coat and dress.

    I've always wanted to go ice skating, but I'm scared of falling!! Silly I know.

  4. I love that polar bear necklace!

  5. I so want the polar bear necklace!!

  6. THAT POLAR BEAR NECKLACE IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!