January 1, 2010

Christmas Pt. the last: Gifted.

I hope you all had a wonderful evening last night! Mine New Years Eve was very fun and lo-key. I'm such a grandma that I was annoyed that it wasn't midnight by 8 o'clock! Sarah came over and we ate dinner and watched movies in my room, then we went downstairs to pop crackers at midnight. Then we finished watching movies and went to be at about 3 am. It was delightfully uneventful and we got to watch some good (and a not so good) movies. I'm in love with Taking Woodstock and will probably be dressing like my true hippie self for the next week. But anyways!

I've already shown you the lovely things my darling friends gave me, but now I shall show you what I received from my family on Christmas day. I took well over 600 pictures Christmas morning so you probably won't see any of those (I haven't even gone through them yet...), but I did take pics of everything I got this year. So here they are:

From My sister and brother-in-law: These beautiful Anthro Plates and cute Bestey Johnson Tights. Bri told me that day that there were two other prints in the plate set but our local Anthro only had one. The next day we went to the Anthro in Corona and found both the other prints as well as matching bowls. I bought them of course!
A very pretty Hair piece from Delaney, and three berets, one (the red) from my grandparents and the others from my parents:
A crocheted cap from my aunt and uncle, and a very pretty scarf from my grandparents (now if it would just be cold enough for them!):
Some of the many lovely vintage things I received, these ones are even better because they're from my own Family's collection. A set of doily place mats that were my great-grandma's as well as the charming little sailboat tablecloth, which was also her's. Both are from the 40's. The tablecloth is stained and my grandmas were freaking out about letting me know that they think they'll come out, but I think I actually like the stains. They add a certain charm:
A Tripod and zoom lens (it's my spy lens!) for my camera from my parents, and a much needed new CD holder from my grandparents. My old CD holder (which was bought circa 2003 and has really embarrassing teenage writing all over it) was full preventing my buying anymore music. Obviously that doesn't sit well with me! haha!:
A WHOLE SET OF MATCHING JANE AUSTEN BOOKS! My mom scored these from a friend of hers for $5 for the whole set! I was so excited! And these little deer are also from my parents! My mother knows my love of deers is deep and wide:
Again both from my mom and dad. I've mentioned before that I think Mushrooms are the grossest things on the planet to eat, but I love they way they look and all the paraphernalia that goes with them. And for the past two years my mom gives me mushroom ornaments (these are from Anthro!). Soon I'm going to have an army of them! My mom wrapped Pocket Edward in silver sparkly wrapping paper and silver sparkly ribbon. The tag also said it was from Edward Cullen. And last night I broke him trying to make him sit. Don't worry he can be glued:
The pink thing is a set of Crabtree and Evelyn Rosewater bath things from my sister's mother-in-law (She and her mother spend Christmas with us). I love their rosewater products. They make me very happy! And this is a lovely vintage dress clip from Chelsea. She found it at Pilgrim's Place this year and I quite love it!
I have had a love affair with Scotland since I was about 14. Don't know why, I just love the place. My family has a funny habit of buying me bits and bobs they find that are Scotland related. This year it was these absolutely beautiful vintage sterling silver screw-back earrings. They're absolutely too gorgeous for me to tell you. Funny story though, my mom is horrible about hiding the fact that she has bought someone a present. She called me over to look at these when we were in Oak Glen in October and we both ooed and awed and then she tried to draw my attention else where while she mouthed to the man at the counter that she wanted them and he stared at her like she was a nutter and I watched the whole thing. My mom would make a horrible spy. The other thing is a really beautiful vintage cuticle pusher-backer thing my dad found (also at Pilgrim's Place I believe). The handle is just beautiful and I love it a lot. My dad was annoyed that he couldn't find a whole set, but I love it!
Also from my parents I got this adorable book from Anthro. It's a fashion alphabet book. For those of you who don't know, from the time I could talk (and I have been told that was very early on in my life) until I was about 8 I wanted to be a fashion designer. I remember as a kid picking up on people's clothes more than anything else about them. So much so that if I am asked about a memory, I can tell you what I and all the other's around me were wearing. Unfortunately the dream died when i realized that I had no hope of ever being able to draw anything other than stick figures (I'd give just about ANYTHING to be able to draw well!). Well that and a psyche damaging comment from my dweeb of an uncle that seared it's self into my impressionable 8 year old brain (Don't ever tell an 8 year old who has dreams of fashion, that their "design" which is comprised of dress-ups and stolen artifacts from their mother's late 80's/early 90's closet, is a piece of s***, and no one would ever wear them, and please go bother someone else for ten minutes Ashley. It may just break their little incapable of drawing heart. It will also force them to put away the dress ups, wear their favourite red dress, tie a red bandanna around their head and go outside to play "Russian Peasant Girl" because peasants are sad and so is our little dreamer (good lord I was a strange child)). Long story short this is like the perfect book for little Ashley and Grown-Up Ashley. These are some of my favourite pages:
And this is my new Hutch! It matches all the rest of my furniture (some day I'll post a post about all the random furniture I have rescued from my insane family who thinks it's okay go get rid of family heirlooms), and is sooooo wonderful! All my Sewing things and fabric are down below and all the random bits and bobs I've collected are above. I totally knew I was getting this because because (again) my mother is a horrible gift hider (hey Ash look at this hutch, you should ask for it for Christmas, oh by the way you can't go to our storage unit for any reason until after Christmas, did I tell you about the estate sale I went to today?), but I love, love, love it! It even has a light in the top part so you can light (duh) the cabinet! Of course getting this made me re-organize my whole room, which will hopefully be posted about next week sometime!

I also got a new mattress, which is boring (though much needed and appreciated!), and a bed frame. My headboard if for a full mattress and I've got a twin, so now I have a full mattress waiting for me to find sheets. Anyone know where I can find grey or yellow sheets?


  1. i really love the sailboat tablecloth! that's my fave.

  2. new plan: i'm coming to your house and stealing the book, the table cloth, and ESPECIALLY that gorgeous hutch.

    i'm adding this to my 101 list.