January 2, 2010

On the sea drift sun, what can you do?*

Sweater- Vintage (the brand's name is the same as my last name!),
Dress- Self Made,
Shoes- Target

For all intensive purposes it is summer. I mean 79 on January 2? Come on! My whole house is super hot and I've had to turn the ceiling fan onto high. I slept without any covers last night. I'm really not going to miss this weather.
That said I have actually been really looking forward to dressing for Spring and Summer this year. I know that seems out of character, but I am. The above is how I'm seeing Spring this year. A little cardigan, cotton sun dress, and tennis shoes/sandals/flats. I'll wear my hair long and little makeup (cuz y'know I wear so much), and take picnics to the coast. I think what it is I'm looking forward to is no nonsense dressing. No layers (not that I've really needed them at all this year), no added anything, just a dress, a cardigan, and some shoes and I'm on my way. For Summer I want my whole wardrobe to embody this song (except for the LA part)(also dear Bass player, why are you old now? You are basically my dream man except that your pants are a little too tight. Love, Ashley):

I think I'm excited for Summer this year because I won't be here anymore. That's so weird and exciting to write! I won't be in California. I'll be in Oregon, on my own, basking in temperatures that do not reach the hundreds. I'm so excited about it! 6 months is all the time I have left to spend here. I honestly think that's why I haven't been so bitter about the weather. I've kinda come to the agreement that I'm just going to soak up everything I can for the next six months and not complain about it. I'm going to go to Disneyland and stand in a line for three hours, I'm going to go to the beach when it's 90 and bring an umbrella, I'm going to surf and not whine about the seaweed (I hate seaweed). I think before I leave I want to have a "California" day. Do all the things iconically Californian in one day. The plan is go to Disneyland in the morning, then hit In-n-Out for lunch (I don't care if I've given up fast food for 1001 days, I'm going to cheat once), then drive down to the beach for a surf day, ending with Fish and Chips at The Harbor Fish and Chips in Oceanside. Then maybe a jaunt to my hometown of San Diego and some coffee at the Upstart Crow. There's alot of romance wrapped up in the idea of Summer and I really do like the theory of it. I just don't like the heat. If it could only never get any hotter than maybe 80 (I'll even settle for 85), I think I'd like it alot better. But the point of this is that I am actually looking forward to this summer, and the exciting things it holds.
Ignoring my little rabbit trail there, I did also want to come on and tell you that starting yesterday I am not shopping for 6 months. No clothes, not shoes, no bags. I'm up to 55 pairs of shoes. It's gotten out of hand. My closet if packed full of things that I don't wear, but should, and I can barely get them all in my closet. So I am going to stop shopping and work with what I've got. If I need something, or want something, I'm just going to have to make it. It's one of the things from my list of 101 things in 1001 days, so I figured it's a good idea to do this while I'm still saving up for Portland. Plus I've got about a million sewing ideas in my little head! Should be fun and exciting!
So what are your resolutions this year?
*California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade by The Decemberists

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  1. I love polka dots! I just found your blog by chance from a google image search and I love it! You have the cutest clothes! Do you make a lot of them?

    Being *plus size* I have a hard time finding cute dresses ect.. for some reason people think plus size = tents. lol

    Anywho, just wanted to say hi and love the blog!