January 4, 2010

The Family Creative Workshop

I was going to post something rather dull today like outfit photos from yesterday (which I was highly enthusiastic about the night before, but hated by noon the day I wore it), but then I was going to show you the hat I made last night. Except I didn't finish it and may have royally messed the whole thing up. I'm a hopeless crochet-er. But I do hope to have it finished by tonight. So instead of the hat, I'm showing you books.
This is a set of books from the 70's. My mom got them from some lady who found them in her house (they moved into an old house which was in pristine 1960's-70's condition and had a ton of vintage things, which she promptly THREW OUT before asking my mom if she (meaning I) wanted it. These books and some crocheting/knitting books were all that survived). They are filled with wonderful (and oddly useful) information and crafting ideas. My mom found almost the whole set at Pilgrim Place this year (these are only the first 8 in the series) so I became the proud owner of this set. I'm hoping to find the rest of them in thrift stores. Each book is alphabetized with a selection of crafts cover the entire spectrum of crafting.
The great thing about these books is that they are full of tons of helpful DIY ideas and hints. Like for instance if you ever need to paint your 1969 Volkswagen Beetle in a swirly, Psychedelic rainbow, one of the books give you step by step instructions:
The best part of the above one is that on the opposite page the unpainted beetle has Problem listen below it, which of course means that the ONLY Solution is to paint a swirly, psychedelic rainbow on it, am I right? But there's also these must haves (and I'm actually totally not even joking about this one. I SO want these!):
People Pillows were at the top of my Christmas list this year, and sadly I did not get them. But now I can make my own! (and I fully intend to!). Of course if making your own People Pillows does not float your boat, you could always learn how to make your own bright blue eyeshadow:
Actually in the cosmetics section of the "C" book is really neat. It shows you how to make your own cold cream, astringent, shadow, and powder. The astringent is mostly vodka so I'm sure it's fun to make. And once you've made and applied your bright blue eyeshadow you can slip into your handmade Crocheted Evening Gown (their name, not mine):
And I'd been searching for a pattern to crochet my own evening gown! But all joking aside the books are full of things that you might actually use, like how to make root ales (Root Beer, Ginger Ale, and drinks from roots), handmade Apache Moccasins (I fully intend on making these), how to do an Afghan Stitch for crocheting (will be very helpful in your creating your evening gown), planting herb gardens, embroidery techniques, and many, many more. These are some of my favourite of the "actually useful" ones:
Making your own organic baby food. My parents were nutty hippie-like people about baby food, and these ones are really neat. There is a recipe for different mashed foods, cereals, and even a healthy breakfast cookie for babies and toddlers to chow down on. Also if Shelly DuVall and my mom's hair circa the early 90's had a love child, it would be this lady. I know the time line doesn't exactly work, but work with me people.
How to create your very own doll house and furniture. In another book it shows how to make dioramas including little people, so I guess you could even make dolls (there's a whole section on dolls as well). The instructions in this book include doll size playing cards. It's actually pretty cool.

Okay well I think this is cool. There are instructions for three different variations of a dulcimer and the entire history of the instrument. I really want to make one of these now (there's even basic playing instructions!). I have a huge soft spot for Dulcimers. And Banjos. And Fiddles. And the Spoons. I'm a traditional Americana-Folk musician in denial.

I highly recommend these books, if for nothing else but a humorous look at yesteryear, but also for their helpful hints. If you ever see them, take a gander, I guarantee they will put a smile on your face! Oh and let me know I'm missing the second half of L-Z.

Tomorrow I have some exciting news! (providing I can get it all ready! Wish me luck!)

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  1. omg those books are awesome ! i NEED this dollhouse !! and thanks for the tip for my hair ! i'll try soon!