January 12, 2010

Ho Hum

Dress, and jacket- Vintage (don't kid yourself. I wore a jacket for wishful thinking.)
Bag- F21
Shoes- Payless
Glasses- Liz Claiborne via Marshall's
Today has been one of those days where if one more thing goes wrong I'm just going to pack a bag and go away for the rest of the week. I feel like doing something irresponsible, something rash, and spontaneous. I need an adventure. Something a little foolhardy sounds quite nice. And somewhere with snow, or rain. Or anywhere it is below 70 (so Florida apparently). Alas, I have to venture into deciphering someones pay stubs....
I found this little 70's dress last March and it has become my go-to dress for instant happiness. I think it's the softness of the colours. I find this light blue very soothing. And the ruffle around the neck just makes me smile. I can't believe I almost didn't buy it.

Anyone else needing to get away for a couple of days? Where would you go?

1 comment:

  1. I like this better without the jacket, because it is more soft-ish.

    Also, your adventure begins in June, so no adventures now unless they are FREEEE! But if you know of a free adventure, I would like an adventure too. Like a drive somewhere and get lost adventure. Or a find a place we've never been adventure. Or a go to sleep for a week adventure. Any of these will do...