January 14, 2010

Windy Havoc

Good Lord! Today has been absolutely insane! By 9:30 I had diverted several crisies, and answered about 30 phone calls. About 20 mins ago the phone rang six times consucutively. Everytime I finished a call, the next line would light up, and so on, and so on for about ten mins. It was insane! Of course this is not helped by the fact that my brain is in about twenty seven (to be exact) different places (one currently being a large desire for lunch. I want chicken strips and fries like you cannot believe). I have a stack of about fifteen files to go through and check and people to call, and paystubs to figure out (grrr...), and.... And my dad is in with someone right now for an emergency filing (which we may or may not be able to do). Here's a helpful hint that I'm giving out of pure kindness: if you cannot afford your mortgage payment DO NOT go to some loan modifier person. They will screw you within an inch of your life. I'm not joking, the poor guy in right now has stressed himself sick. Debt Negotiators are the same story. It's horrible how many people out there are just trying to screw people over. The whole story is so incredibly sad and just breaks my heart. As much as I dislike my job most days the lessons learned here are so invaluble. I really hope it all works out for this guy.

Edit:Oh yeah, details: Dress- Vintage Sanctuary Oceanside, CA
Bag- Vintage, Salvation Army
Bracelet- Gift from sister
Earrings- made by me
Shoes- Target

But heady and somewhat sad (this is why I try not to talk too much about my job around here, it's too depressing, and this is my happy place) talk over, let's talk about clothes.

This is possibly my favourite dress that I own. I bought it this summer in Oceanside at my favourite little vintage shop down there. Oddly enough every dress I've bought from them has been blue with white polka dots (the other one is this dress). If you are ever in Oceanside you should first go get fish and chips at Harbour Fish and Chips, then go to Vintage Sanctuary on the 101. Best place ever. However it is not the dress to wear on a windy day. Most of the city of Riverside has had a peek at my panties today. They are pink by the way. Everyone else knows what they look like, I figure you might as well too.

I made these earrings from buttons I found at JoAnn's. I bought flat earring backs and super glued them onto the buttons. Super easy, super cute. And the bracelet was a gift from Bri a few years ago. We found out after she bought it that it is Betsey Johnson! I liked the little pop of colour against the navy blue.

Well I hope everyone is having a really wonderful week so far. Be smart with your money. And remember that losing your house is not call for threatening suicide. Now I've lost my appitite....


  1. Hiya Muse,

    Good post. I totally agree with you on mortgage mods -- people are better off walking away from underwater houses and renting.

    Best regards,


  2. I hope you are feeling better now!

    Your dress is so cute! I just love polk-a-dots.