January 25, 2010

I will lift Your name on high:

Things that fill me with love and awe for my wonderful Heavenly Father:

- The Snow capped mountains I saw on my way home from Santa Ana.

-The flavor a Chipotle chip can contain.

-Things that work out even when my humanity tries to mess them up.

-How incredibly blessed in friends I am

-Laughter, and how it's the best medicine for pretty much anything

-Girl talk. What a blessing.

-Prayers answered in His time not mine

Today has been interesting and good. I hope your Monday has been wonderful.


  1. What happenned? I hate not knowing anything...send me a message or something! Wahhhhh I miss you guys!

  2. monday was so so but makes me feel better monday went right for other people ;-)

    paying your bills for the first time is damn scary especially if you don't understand the language their are written in !

  3. thanks for talking with me today and listening, its much needed. love you! (and this isnt the death text)

  4. <3 You!!! Come up this next Saturday!! I miss you all so!!

  5. His time is soooo perfect. Thanks for the reminder!