January 21, 2010

Rain, Rain

Sweater & Skirt- Vintage,
Shirt- Thrifted,
Tights- Target,
Shoes- Payless,
Scarf- Gift from Nana

The sun came out for just long enough for me to run out and take a few quick photos. Trust me I am so not complaining about the rain. We're on day four or pretty much non-stop rain, and I couldn't be happier! I'm not tired of it at all, and have been having more fun than a barrel of monkies layering up and dancing in puddles. People here are funny when it rains. They act like it's the apocolypse, and we're all going to die. I mean yeah this has been a bad-ass storm, but it's just a little water guys. My favourite thing is the way people leave buldings to go into the rain. First they have a staredown and once they realize the rain is not going to stop for them, they bundle up like it's 20 degrees outside and charge the rain, war cry included. The war cry varies from person to person but usually involves a scream or squeal (I'm looking at you Jess), and then followed by either "OH MY GOD!" or "HOLY SH**!" It's been quite amusing.

In other news I'm feeling a bit better, however am currently suffering from the strangest sensation of being punched in the forehead from inside my head. I'm still stuffed up and coughing, though my throat is no longer raw, and my muscles no longer are falling apart. However this stuffiness is making me feel a bit loopy and I keep laughing at everything. I'm not kidding. Everything is hilarious. And I have this strange desire to totally re-organize my life. Plus last night I voluntarily cleaned my room. I'm blaming it on being sick.

How's your week so far? Is it raining where you are?


  1. nope it s actually sunny today (well as far as i can tell, since im still in bed) i love your beret on the last post ! really cute !

    i must admit i hate the rain...and the wind that usually goes with it

  2. you are so adorable! i love your style! :-)