January 7, 2010

Time Warp

Headband, Bracelet, Skirt- Made by me
Earrings, Bag- Vintage
Sweater- Thrifted
Shoes- Pinupgirlclothing.com

So an outfit post, waddaya know! And it's a good one too! I had a little too much fun with this one. First off I finally used my tripod (or figured out how to properly use my tripod to get the right angle) and let me tell you it is so nice to be able to take pictures without propping up my camera on some random ledge. Thanks tripod for being a good pal!

The last week or so I've been in a real 60's kick. I blame it on watching Taking Woodstock and 500 Days of Summer (I loved the 60's vibe they had to everything. The cinematography reminded me of of French Films in the 1960's). I've been wearing everything from little 60's dresses to flowy hippie peasant tops. I really love the 60's. When I "re-discovered" vintage back in 2008, I was trying to stick with just the 60's (which as I've talked about before does not work for me), and stocked up on blue eye shadows and giant volume curlers. Last night I set my hair in some big hair curlers to make it a little bit more voluminous. I'm really digging the effect. Also I had waaay too much fun taking these pictures! Oddly enough, I've had my iTunes on shuffle all day and all it's been playing is The Beatles, the Across The Universe Soundtrack, The Monkees, Francoise Hardy, Mary Hopkins and all these different mix cd's I have of other 50's and 60's music. I guess it's just a 60's kind of day!

This is the only thing I ended up making at the little hair accessories party I threw before Christmas. I'd seen a picture of Zooey Deschanel (which I could have sworn I saved, but can't find) in a headband with a cluster of pearls on it. Her's was silver ric-rac and plain white pearls. I searched JoAnn's for silver ric-rac to non-avail, so I went with the red. The pearls are also from JoAnn's. They were sold in a big bag for about 5$. They had a couple different colour combos, but I liked this one best. All I did was string the pearls on with thread (if I do it again, I''' use fishing line), and then attach the ric-rac to some thick elastic. Easy peas-y!

Another recent project is this bracelet. I found these charms at Michael's or JoAnn's and loved them. They show the difference of what will happen to a girl if she chooses a "fast" life over a virtuous one. The Good Girl set says that if at 20 you are virtuous and devoted then by 26 you will be a loving mother, and at 60 an honoured grandmother. However if at 20 you are flirty and coquettish then at 26 you will live a fast life full of dissipation, and then be an outcast (who looks like a leper) at 40. I'll take photos of each of them later on.

This skirt was part of the great sewing venture of yesterday. I made this last May or June. It was horrid. It was supposed to be a suspender-ed skirt, but well, apparently in May or June I couldn't sew a straight line and the straps were rendered useless. When I took it apart I found a backwards pocket, and an extra panel of fabric. I seriously just sat there trying to figure out how I let this happen. It was horrible! in it's former life it was a couple inches longer, and also was gathered. I hate gathering, so this time I made pleats, which despite being annoying, I'd still rather do than gather. I need a gathering foot for my sewing machine. And due to my apparent former inability to cut straight, I had to take off an inch or so from both the bottom and the top of the skirt. Seriously I think I was drunk when I made this. It was so bad! You can't tell in these photos but the zipper in the side is white (the former zipper was navy blue?). At first this was a dammit-I-want-to-wear-this-tomorrow-and-am-out-of-short-black-zippers fix, but then I decided I actually really liked it. I hate nylon zippers so I always buy up old metal zips when I see them so this one is a white metal zipper. I left is a bit exposed and it actually looks pretty cool. So in the end it all worked out. I have to say this is the first garment of clothing that I've made for myself and loved. Sure there is a hang-up or two (not all the pleats ended up even), but I made it well, and that is the important thing. I've realized that when I'm sewing I have to get myself out of this instant gratification mindset. Sewing's not about whipping out a dress or skirt. it's about making a piece of cloth into something new, and that takes time. And in the end if you do take your time it's really worth it. Also you avoid wondering about your sobriety when looking back over what you've made.

What's the worst thing you've ever made? Do you ever gasp at your past sewing skills?


  1. Love, love your headband! What a perfect idea! And your outfit is so fun!

    I'm afraid I cannot sew a stitch but I'm always admiring of you talented girls!


  2. love it love it!

    nice bracelet

    nice bag

    and nice shoes!

  3. ooo i LOOOOOOVE thos pictures !! you look adorable ! i love the hairband and the bracelet is sooo fun !! great post !!

    aa Xmas in Paris...well except for the windows at the Galeries la Fayette it's nothing really different from every cities...