February 15, 2010

Monday Inspiration #30: Let's go to the Movies.

When I was a kid my parents were a little psychotic. It's okay because I turned out alright, but let me just say, they were a little nutty. They had some pretty funny ideas about raising us kids and secretly I loved it and fully plan on tormenting my own children. It'll be okay because I turned out alright.

One of their crazy quirks was that we didn't watch television. When I told people this, it actually made jaws drop. We did own a TV, we just only used it for watching movies. And watch movies we did. I have probably one of the best film educations a person could get. We watched movies ALL THE TIME. We had four movie rental places, and at each they knew us well. Long story short, I grew up watching a lot of movies. My dad loves classic films, my mom loves period pieces, Bri and I lived and breathed Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (and yes I have seen every single fiml they have ever made. Ever.), so there was always a healthy mix of movies coming and going in and out of our house. I realized rather recently how much I was effected by these films growing up. So today I have complied a list of the movies that inspired me the most as a kid- and still continue to inspire me today!

Alice in Wonderland: a little girl, who's curiosity and dreaminess gets her in trouble. Sounds very familiar.


The Secret Garden: In 1993 I got the chicken pox right after my mom finished eading this book to my sisters and I. I subsequently was rented every version of The Secret Garden because I loved it so much. A new version had just been released and everyone thought I was the girl that played Mary Lennox. Best week of my life. Though I honestly do not see the resemblance.


A Little Princess: Yeah, so basically I spent my entire childhood being Sara. I told tall tales a lot. I also secretly dreamed of being forced to be someone's servant and then finding out I was actually incredibly wealthy. Oh yeah, and someday, I will totally own those green shoes.


The Secret of Roan Inish: Duh. No explaination needed here.


And of course:

The Wizard of OZ: My Favourite Movie, and frankly just about the best thing ever.


What movies left a lasting impression on you?


  1. I love every single one of these films! Especially The Secret Garden...it falls into the "lasting impression" category. I am sure it is one of the reasons I love all things Edwardian and British. Other shaping films were Anne of Green Gables and The Neverending Story. It's no wonder I can't quite wrap my head around the modern world. ;)

  2. I can see how people thought you were Mary. You certainly have an "olde worlde" quality, it's beautiful. My family watched A LOT of tv...all except for me and my brother.I wasn't terribly interested in tv and neither was he. He is 10 yrs older and he loves films. I grew up watching loads of different movies. I'm close to 40 now so obviously I watched different things to you. Lots of Paul Newman and Robert Redford,musicals, horror (ah, The Shining), deliverance. I still love and adore the 70's especially the music. My bro gave me a love of Jimi Hendrix and his Woodstock ilk.
    I have kids now and TV isn't a big part of our lives, Good movies are. TV is such junk food. There are gems but they are few and far between.

  3. yammeringmuse.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

  4. i LOVED secret garden. you posting this reminds me of how much i hate being an adult now. crazy.