May 17, 2009

Monday Inspiration #11

Happy National Day to everyone in Norway.
Interesting weekend. I pierced my sister's best friends ears on Saturday, which was pretty funny. Her ear lobes were the thickest ear lobes I've ever seen, and I've pierced many an ear in my time.
So the other day, during a very funny situation, my dad thanked me for being such a great liar. It's nice to know that my talents can be used for good.
Last night there was an earthquake. The report I found said it was a only 1.8 and was 2miles north of Rancho (San Andreas?), but I heard that it was actually a 5.o and came out of LA (my dad just told me it was a 4.7 out of LA). Bri and Michael and I were all home alone and they both jumped up like nutters and ran towards a door post. I sat and continued to check my facebook and told them to calm down. It lasted all of fifteen seconds, but it gave the house a good shake. We were watching Japanese Television, which is hilarious by the by, then we switched it to some thing about paranormal investigators from Penn State. It was hilarious.
Tomorrow may be the greatest day of my life. I'll let you know on Wednesday, but be prepared.
Yesterday I watched the Secret of Roan Inish, had a Guinness, and Bri brought me home an Irish Curry Bowl from Killarney's. It was a bit of a theme. I've said many a time how much I love and miss Ireland and watching Roan Inish reminded me of this all over again. It's so beautiful! There is something wonderfully romantic about living on an island with only the seals as companions, about fishing villages, and Faire Isle sweaters. As I watched the movie I kept commenting to myself about how cute her clothing was, and how funky all the patterns were and got really inspired to try more pattern mixing in my wardrobe. But I also like how pretty much everything is done in neutrals with small bits of color. So for your viewing pleasure here is some inspiring pics from The movie The Secret of Roan Inish (and if you've never seen it, you didn't have a proper childhood, thus you must go rent it and then spend your day and night dreaming of sealkies and seaweed soup).

I love those buttons.

Best I could find of the whole outfit, which is my favourite.

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  1. Hey, I'm glad you liked that post! I know how you feel - I go shopping with my sister for her daughter a lot and there have been so many times I wish something was made in adult sizes, haha.

    I love mismatched buttons!