March 23, 2010

I feel like a Spy

Hat- Vintage, Thrifted

Collar- Vintage, Thrifted
Dress Clip- Vintage, Gift
Blouse- thrifted
Skirt- Thrifted
Bag- Vintage, Thrifted
Shoes- Vinatge, Thrifted
I have the day off. I am doing spring cleaning. I am very happy.

This is my cute face?

I bought this hat this weekend (more about it later) at this totally awesome antique store. It cost me $10. I totally love it. But it's odd wearing a hat out in public. I know most people who wear vintage hats get the same reaction, but it's still annoying. Most people stare at you, there is the occasional giggle, you get the "oh you uncool plebeian" grin, and people act like you've got a monkey on your head. But then there are the select few who rave about your head wear and then knock ten dollars off your purchase in their thrift store, or the old ladies who offer you a %50 discount if you come to their thrift shop and buy one of their way over priced hats (which I will eventually take her up on). or the old ladies who suddenly have found a camaraderie with you in the parking lot and offer you a coupon for a $7 buffet at a catering/karaoke place (which I will not being taking her up on). Or the gay rockabilly guy who thinks you are just fabulous and OMG if only there were more people like us. Or the skinhead in his skinhead truck who rolls his window down to tell you cool hat and girls should wear more of them cuz they're pretty hot. I take whatever compliments I can get guys.

Clip and Collar

Anyways, my verdict on hats: totally worth it. Try it, it's totally awesome and apparently we look hot. Also, I've been really bad about responding to comments lately. I'll try and get back to you today, but do you guys prefer my answering your questions in the comments, or on your blog, or in an email, or by carrier pigeon? I never know if you guys are actually getting my responses! Let me know!


  1. I do love the hat. Its pretty cute. But I am not as confident to wear one yet. Maybe I just havent found one that I would wear.. Anyway, I always have the same issue with comment responses.. what is proper comment response ettiquete? I sure would like to know, lol! I think I like comments back to my blog... but then again, that takes a little explaining when the comment has nothing to do with the post.. hmmmm...

  2. Well, you didn't fall far from the hat stand, so you know how I feel about wearing hats. How many have I bought this year, so far? Yikes! The red hat I bought at the same time you bought this hat has been adopted by Grace. She told me we were sharing it. I usually get a compliment or two when I wear a hat. But I do get stared at by those punk teenages--not the good teenages, just the punk ones!
    (And my verification word is suffracc--I thought you would like it--you can now make frac a longer word when you're really mad!)

  3. You know... lately I've been getting into hats myself... I want a fedora really badly... but none have done it for me... yet...

    Also, I just did a blog update and included a link to your blog... check it out...

  4. hello ms. cutie pie! yes, i LOVE the hat and i want one. i think i would like an answer in the comments area. or by carrier pigeon is fine too. ;-)


  5. oh! and glad i remembered ...

    wanted to ask you if u knew u were featured in Already Pretty?

    u looked great!!!

  6. TI- I have to tell you everytime I wear a hat I feel so self concious (sp) for the first half hour. But then I end up kind of totally loving it. Don't be afraid! Fashion's an experiment, so try what you want to! I totally feel you on the comment ettiquete thing. I never check back unless I've specifically asked a question, so I'm always afraid no one will see my responses if I do it in the comments. Alas! I think I'm going to try and do a bit of both and see how that works.

    Mom- I thought you were pro teenage punks because they were the only teenagers who were still living "true teenage rebellion?" Also if you had told me you were pro teenage rebellion when i was a teenager... well you wouldn't have and that's my point. Also y'know Grace has adopted half my closet right? I don't know what she's going to do for fun when I move.

    Victoria- Thanks you! I love yours too! California Adventurs is so much fun!

    DIDT- Fedoras look terrible on me too! I like the idea of them, but I think I'd like to find a more vintage style? and yes I saw that link! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm glad someone likes my long posts! haha!

    BBM- Carrier pigeon it is! haha! Why thanks! I think I almost died when I saw this hat! it was so pretty! I bought another one I'll show you guys next week, and it might actually be even better than this one! And yes I did know she featured me. I keep meaning to thank her for that cuz I was totally shocked! Thanks for the reminder! haha!