March 25, 2010

Baby I'm Blue



Sweater & Blouse- Vintage

Skirt- Thrifted and altered by me

Shoes- Payless

I inadvertantly wore all blue today. I don't know why. Is this indicative of some inner termoil? Actually I think it's because this is all I had clean. I need to do laundry really bad.

I was buying coffee this morning from a coffee shop down the street from my office. This is how the coversation went:
Ashley: I'd like a large caramel machiatto please.
Coffee Shop Lady: Our machiattos are just espresso and foam.
A: Yes I know. I'd like two shots of caramel in the machaitto.
CSL: But we only sell them with foam and espresso in them. They don't have flavours.
A: Well can I order a machiatto with two shots of caramel.
CSL: yeah but we only put espresso and foam in ours. This isn't starbucks.
A: I understand that, I just want a machiatto with two shots of caramel syrup in it.
CSL: oh. So you want me to add two shots of caramel to the machiatto?
A: Yes. That's what I said (five times).
CSL: Okay. what size?
A: A large.
CSL: and you want two shots or caramel?
A: Yes. That's what I said (five times).
CSL: oh. okay.
When they finally called my order I walked up to the counter to find a itty-bitty shot of a coffee basically. Starbuck's talls are bigger than this thing was. But it was really good!

I've got the blues


I'm playing tonight at Coffee Depot. I'm just a little nervous because I haven't played in public since....... December maybe? But I'm also excited because I am debuting two songs that I really like. I don't talk alot about my own music here, but maybe I'll start posting a video or two? Would you guys be interested? I promise I don't totally suck! Anyways the point is I am off tonight and I am excited and I haven't got alot more to say.
If you're local (all three of you) you should come out. It starts at 7pm at the downtown (and now only) Coffee Depot. Be there or I'll hunt you down. Not really.


  1. That little episode cracked me up. I swear I talk to morons all day on the phone. One conversation I said, "Hi my name is Sarah and I'm calling from xxxx Hospital."
    "What is your name?"
    "Ummm, Sarah."
    "And where are you calling from?"
    "XXXX hospital!"
    "Do you have an address?"
    "No, we're a free-floating existential hospital."

    Le Sigh...

  2. What would an existential hospital treat?!

  3. what do you play?
    I'd love to see videos =)

  4. ooh im sure you did great !! lovely shoes and funny story at the fake starbucks :-)

    yes the ice hotel is very up north in Sweden but way too expensive for me !

  5. I vote definite Yah! on posting videos, what kind of music do you play? Also very snazzy outfit, I like the play of the denim with the stripes.

  6. look great! that skirt is the perfect style and length for you. sorry i missed your singing--i ran away to the happiest place on earth with some friends yesterday. =D

  7. Sarah R- haha! That's so funny! I get to talk to creditors all day so y'know I feel your pain.

    Mom- You shouldset up an existential hospital. The paperwork would be a breeze I bet. "I need approval for a liver transplant for my patient." "why?" "because they are dying and need a new liver..." "what's the point off living? death is just another experience, another path, another..." "yeah sure, can you sign here please?"

    MIP- I play the guitar, though I am no expert! I trained in opera for 11 years so my voice is my main instrument. I posted a video on today's post!

    Mo- Thanks! I did! These are ctually ridiculously comfortable shoes too!

    Someday when I'm rich and famouse I'll visit you in Sweden and we'll stay in the ice hotel. It's one of my life goals that will probably never be fulfilled, but y'know, dream big and all that.

    mennogirl- Thanks! i did post a video on today's post if you'd like to watch. it's not very good quality, but it works! haha! I play mostly some sort of folky-popish-with my opera years showing music. I guess you could just call it folk. And thanks! This is one of my favourite tops and I always forget to wear it! haha!

    Jill- Thanks! I have been desperatly searching for a skirt like this everywhere, and finally just bought a really long ugly denim skirt to chop up. It used to hit me at my ankles. So I've kind of lived in it this last week. It's so comfy! We still need to do Disneyland before I leave. I might have a day off here in the next week.

  8. I would think existential hospitals would do lots of boob jobs. And it would SO have a pysch ward!