March 15, 2010

Monday Inspiration #34: Child Song Pt 3

In which I ramble on about the time change and have no clue what makes sense anymore.

I vote that from now on Daylight Savings happens on Friday night. That way we have all day Saturday and Sunday to get used to it before we have to be back at work. By the way, I can barely keep my eyes open and seriously have no idea what I'm saying so Merry Christmas. Wait what? I don't know. Here's some pictures. This book makes me want to dress like a 1960's Cheerleader and also makes my need for pinafore dresses even more prominant. I'm going to go find a corner to sleep in.

Music for Young Americans

Youth Orchestra


Smells like Teen Spirit


The Wood-Winds


Isreali Folk Song

I Want One of These!




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