March 16, 2010


Bow- Lulu Letty on Etsy
Dress- Vintage, Thrifted
Belt- Torrid many moons ago


On Saturday Bri was working her second job at the Mission Inn Museum. I had a check to drop off for her and we were going to have lunch together, but plans didn't work out and we decided to go shopping after she got off instead. So I was waiting for her to get off work and decided to pop into my favourite thrift store. I never leave that store empty handed, but the last few times I've been in there, the clothing selection has not been all that great. Actually clothes-wise I've been having really bad luck with thrifting lately. By Saturday it had been a whole week since I'd done any thrifting and I hadn't been in my favourite shop for probably a month (they keep weird hours and my schedule and theirs never lines up). So in I treked and what did I find? Not one, not two, but three vintage dresses in my size that fit like a glove. I actually entered the dressing room (which is actually a curtain and a gate which is full of holes and not very private) with five items and walked out with four fitting (and the one that didn't fit was too big, so take that Universe!). The last thing is something I'll show you guys later next week (hopefully it cools down!), that I am totally in love with, and the other two dresses need a little TLC before I can show them off, including one that needs about three feet lopped off before I can wear it.



Anyways this dress was the last one that I found and ended up costing me $2 (everything in the store was half off. I know my luck is sometimes pretty great.). It was the last thing I tried on because it was just too perfect and I kept giving it a pep talk in the dressing room about how it was going to fit and had no options but to fit me and yes lady standing outside the dressing room I am talking to a dress, thankyouverymuch. Here's the thing about this dress, while I totally love it (anyone else pick up on the colour pallet? I told you I'm stuck!), it is almost garish. I mean the print is so big, and it's so bright, and if I ever needed to blend in or was sent on some secret spy mission, this is not the dress I'm going to wear. I've worn it twice since I bought it, and each time I feel like I stick out even more so than normal. No one has said anything, but I have certainly got a few strange looks. And yet all those looks end in a big grin. And not "the grin" (the "wow you are a freak in the way you dress and I am so much better than you for wearing my jeans/flip-flops/hoodies/uggs/mini skirt showing off the goods/sweat pants" grin. You know the one.), but a friendly, "wow that is a loud dress and yet I cannot help but be made happy by it's very exisitance" kind of grin. Which is kind of how I feel about it, like life is okay as long as this dress is around. It is just a happy dress and therefore is now my new favourite. Plus poppies are my favourite flower and so clearly this dress was made for me (and according to the second photo, brings out my inner flirt).


I don't usually show you guys the bad photos, but this one made me laugh!


Last night I "woke up" (as in became aware of, and then ignored as usual) to a 4.4 earthquake out of LA County. I actually forgot about the earthquake by the time I got up and only remembered it when I saw this on my news feeds this morning. Why is this news then? It is California. We have earthquakes. It's what we do. Why are we excited? Good Gosh this drives me crazy.

Oh! and one more thing! I found this Tumblr yesterday that is entirely dedicated to cupcakes. I know you can thank me now.


  1. That is an awesome dress and I totally identify with the thrill of the perfect thrift store find. The other day I found a bright green longer wool pea coat and it was so close to fitting perfectly (but not quite there) that I was totally bummed. Of course I ended up making up for it by find several other awesome things.
    Also I love it when an outfit or dress gets all those great admiration glances. I love compliments (of the none creepy variety) from strangers!

  2. That dress is too darling for words! And the bright lipstick is the perfect capper. Funny that you give pep talks to the clothes you want to fit; my best shopping friend always played Don’t Stop Believing from her phone when we tried things on. Our version of the pep talk.
    Also, I have to say you are my favorite person in the world at this moment for directing me to those cupcakes. Thank you so very much.


    This lovely gal lives in Oregon. Portland I think. I love her fashion and her writings and I think she is somewhat close to your age. If you haven't already, check her out and see if you can connect and learn more about what's "right" to wear in a place with seasons :-). I have seasons in Australia. Summer-bloody scorching, (100-120f)(Autumn(fall)-Not quite so hot and in fact sometimes downright cold. (40-50f)winter (30-50f)..snowing sometimes...and Spring...not much cooler than summer. I LOVE the, hats, scarves, jackets..mmmm....
    Best of Irish luck :-)

  4. this dress world be perfect for Oregon, just bring a pair of tights or leggings!

  5. i love all your thrift finds and im glad you found this dress! its lovely dear. i cant wait for to debut ure other 2! ;-)

  6. mennogirl- Thanks! Sad that the coat didn't fit! It sounds perfect!

    Brittney- Thank you! That's actually totally brilliant! I think Ill need to start singing that to my drsses! haha! And you're welcome for the cucakes. As i always say, there isn't much a cupcake can't fix!

    Sarah- Thank you!

    Annie- Thanks! I totally love her blog! I told my mom that I have decided when I'm an old lady I'm going to have a house in australia, and one here. That way I can chase an endless winter. we should share and trade on and off. It's a plan.

    Amelia- Thanks again for the advice!

    BBM- Aw, thanks! I'm excited to show you the others too!