March 5, 2010

Planed Failure


Dress, Sweater, Belt- Vintage & Thrifted
Bow- Lulu Letty on Etsy
Shoes- Target

y'know how some weeks everything just goes smoothly and there are no hiccups and all your plans are evenly laid out? Yeah well this was not one of those weeks. I somehow managed to plan a million things this weekend. Here's what I've had going on since yesterday:

  • Thursday I worked from 9-5
  • Thursday I had a party to attend for Jill's daughter from 7-10
  • Thursday I did not leave party until about 11
  • Thursday I was supposed to meet Bri and Jess at 10:30 because we were seeing Alice In Wonderland at midnight.
  • Thursday I got to the theatre at 11:30.
  • Friday at 12:01 I watched Alice in Wonderland (it is awesome. Go see it. I'm seeing it again tonight in 3D)
  • Friday I got home at about 3am and went to bed about 3:30am
  • Friday is my mom's Birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!)
  • Friday is Best Rummage Sale Ever that is held annually at a church. It is huge. I haven't missed one since I was 16.
  • Friday Rummage Sale starts at 9, but I thought it was 8 so I set my alarm for seven.
  • Friday I woke up to my dad knocking on my door at 8:45.
  • Friday I got to rummage sale at 9:30
  • Friday I work from 12:30-5
  • Friday I go see movie with family to celebrate mom's b-day and have dessert.
  • Saturday is Delaney's birthday (Happy Birthday Dee!)
  • Saturday rummage sale day two starts at 8am (for real).
  • Saturday is laundry day which is desperately needed.
  • Saturday Mom and kids are gone all day for 4H thing.
  • Saturday night is dinner and celebrating Delaney's b-day.
  • Sunday Chelsea and I are babysitting grace all day while Bri takes other kids to a craft thing she runs and my mom and dad go out to actually celebrate mom's birthday.

Should be fun! And actually it has been so far! Last night was a blast! The party at Jill's was so much fun! My friend Lauren who I get to see once a year (I'm not kidding it's pathetic and we've agreed we have to see each other more, and soon since I'm leaving in June)was there and we gabbed and chatted and giggled and laughed and made silly jokes. Jill made Irish Cream Coffees and we nibbled on M&M's and cookies, and looked at pretty jewelry (which I didn't buy and really regret now. There was a bracelet and ring set that I wish I'd bought. Jill, I may be calling you for Mary's number). After the party we sat around talking forever and I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time. My stomach muscles were literally killing me by the end of the night! I remember watching a movie once where a lady said that she "found bonding comfort in the company of other women" and I totally agree. Girl's night is far too much fun and frankly good for the soul.


Of course the movie was excellent! Johnny Depp was marvellous and Mia whats-her-name was so good! Helena Bonham-Carter can do no wrong in my eyes, nor Tim Burton. It was just all around excellent! I laughed, I cried, I devoured Jr. Mints, it was wonderful.


And today! Oh the sale this morning was mad! All the LA dealers come out on Friday as do the Mexicans who sell stuff at the Swap Meet, so it was packed. The line was like and hour long in one of the rooms. I managed to get out of there and got to check out in another room because I didn't have that much stuff. I ended up spending $110, but $75 of that was on a dinning set! I found the perfect dinning set! I've been searching for one that matches all my other furniture (I inherited my Great-grandparent's 1940's Maple bedroom set, loveseat and chair, two end tables and my mom bought me my hutch for christmas to match it all) and I FINALLY found it! It's the perfect size and has four chairs with arms. The other stuff I will show you guys later but man oh man I did score a few nice things! Two purses that are FEE-nominal (I know that's not how it's spelled btw.), some funny old books,a few things for other people, some funky cool sweaters, and a few other bits of clothing to tear apart and re-work. I'm super excited!!!

What are your plans for the weekend? May I suggest seeing Alice in Wonderland? It is quite wonderful!


  1. what?! i'm not linked a million times in this post? disappointed.

    last night was fun. and, yes, girl's nights are a VERY important part of the growing up process. I feel bad for women who don't discover it until their 30's or 40's.

  2. I just came across your blog via Already Pretty and I love your sense of style! This dress is just fabulous!

  3. Thanks to Totally Inspired... I found your blog... and OMG!!! this dress... *gasp*
    no words would do it justice...
    swing by my place if you like and let me know if you see anything you like. *smiles*