March 8, 2010

Monday Inspiration #33: Child Song Pt. 2

I hope your weekend was lovely! Mine was very busy, but very good! But also just ever so slightly frustrating. I very distinctly remember waking up Sunday morning and thinking "wow. that dream was bizzare and really wonderful." I remember laying in bed and going back to sleep and back to that same dream. I remember waking up again a few hours later thinking the very same thing. I cannot for the life of me remember the dream. It's been very frustrating. I really, really, really want to remember that dream, but I literally have no memory of any of it. Not a single image, or colour, or event. Nothing, just the memory that there was infact a dream and it was bizzare and wonderful all at once. Alas, I may never remember it.

Here is the second installment of Vintage music books.I had the hardest time not posting all the pictures! This book is from the 50's and has some of the most charming of the illistrations! Enjoy!

Singing Every Day










Miss Jenny-O-Jones

Winter Lullaby

Cradle Song

Rain, Rain

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