March 10, 2010

Primary Problem

Being watched by a hobo.


Do you guys ever get stuck in a colour pallet? I never really thought I did until I was organizing photos and found the above pallet repeated over and over again. It makes sense considering red, mustard, and navy(yes the skirt is actually navy) are three of my favourite colours, but I think I might be over doing it. I've really only noticed that I've done this pattern since the end of December, and I think it's become my "go-to" combo. It helps that I own, like, five mustard-y cardigans, and a jillion pieces of red and navy clothing items, but I think I'm a bit over it. Actually come to think of it this is the same colour combo I used for my trip to San Francisco last summer. Okay, I officially need a new colour pallet. I'm thinking I need more florals and pastels. Maybe it's just spring fever (ha!), but I have been craving roses and pinks and soft yellows and blues. I have also been craving a picnic. And raspberries. Mmmm. Raspberries. With home made whipped cream. I'm going to stop now. Oh yeah and about this skirt, I wasn't crazy about the length when I bought it and was going to shorten it, but it's growing on me. What say you? To shorten, or not to shorten?

Funny face

In other news I am going to Portland one month from today! We're going for Spring Break and I am so excited! Actually I'm going during Spring Break No. 3. Bri and Charissa have Spring Break at the end of March, and Sarah's is the week before Jessica's so we're (it's Bri, Jess, Chelsea and I) going over Jessica's Spring Break. I'm very excited, mostly because I love packing. And I'm packing a different colour pallet this time.

Red Yellow and Blue

I'm going to try and get up a video tutorial tomorrow, but no promises, also I'm going to try and do a shop update tomorrow, but again, no promises.

This is becoming a weird post. I think my brain is lost somewhere in the piles of filing I've been trying to finish since Monday.


  1. I love the color pallete.. I think Imma try to incorporate it into my looks. But I know what you mean about wanting a change (i have alot of pinks.. and I just realized this year that I have alot of reds too, who knew)... I adore your rambling.. it makes me laugh because, I am right there with you .. just following along for the ride, lol! .. OK, so I really really reeeeaaaaallly, want to see your packing tutorial, was that going to be the tutorial, if not, can you still show me whats in the bag for your trip? I am going on two trips in April, and I will need some ideas and ofcourse plenty of inspiration.

  2. Love the colour palette! Mustard goes so well with so many colours. You look so cute! I actually like the skirt the length it is. :)