April 13, 2010


Here are some pretty things I've found lately. Tomorrow I have a very cool series starting! Be sure to check back!

New Dishes

1930's China

1930's china closeup

Jadeite Cup

What is it?

A Clothes Line!

Books, books, books!

Belt Buckle

New Penny Loafers

How's your Tueday going?


  1. I LOVE that first tea set! Just darling. Wonderful finds!

  2. You have such a nice mother to find and buy that first dish set for you!

    My verification word is "limbide". It needs us to give it a meaning!

  3. Sarah- Thank you! TIt's actually a whole dish set but I packed it away so I only showed the cup and saucer. My mom got it for me and it cost 9$ for a whole 4 person dish set!

    Mom- Yes, you're just so flipping fantatic.

    Limbide- the chemical reaction of the brain which leads to limb functionality.
    You made me take too many science classes.