April 12, 2010

Um... hi?

yeah so um, sorry about the one post last week. I tried to blog, honest, but between car problems, and people problems, and life problems and things being put off problems (yeah I might not be moving quite so soon. Like possibly September instead of June. I'm not to thrilled, but I'm sucking it up.), I just never got the chance to actually sit down and write. I also forgot to photograph all but one of my outfits last week and some were dang cute, which means I will need to reproduce them for you, because seriously they were kind of awesome. Just sayin. So as a result I'm really behind on my blogroll, and commenting, and probably getting back to comments (though I think I'm actually caught up on that), so if I've not commented/responded to you, that is why. You can blame it on the universe. I usually do.

But last week wasn't entirely unproductive (and today is gloomy and rainy!). I managed to get my car smoged (which is a long story and possibly involves the Arab mob, and as anyone who has known me for more than fifteen seconds knows, totally makes me thrilled and excited. I will probably end up dying because I went looking for the mob, just so you know.), and I did a small amount of spring cleaning. Turns out I've got alot of crap. I blame this on my inability to say no when I see something at Goodwill that only costs $2. It was seriously bad. How bad you ask? Well my room went looking like this:

not at all clean 1

and this:

not at all clean 2

To this:

Nearly clean 1

and this:

nearly Clean 2

Yeah it is clearly not done yet (sigh), and I haven't even begun to clean out my closet (I have three loads of laundry to do, and I ran out of hangers.), or go through shoes, though I did manage to go through a bunch of stuff I don't need right now and pack that up in boxes as well as sort through bags and purses and got rid of three. Now I only have 20. See clearly I have a problem. I keep telling myself I should do a shopping ban, but there is this little annoying voice that keeps saying "but think of all the stuff you're going to miss if you stop thrifting" and I have no will power and so I give in. But with the recent developments in my life that don't involve thrifting, I know I really should. So I think I'm going to give myself a $100 a month budget for thrifting and that's it. When it's gone it's gone, and I can't do anymore shopping. I'm also not eating out anymore. Last week killed me (it was Sarah's Spring Break which I will tell you all about our exploits later on, though I sadly only have two photos of the whole week thanks to my camera's battery dying and my forgetting to charge it.) with meals out! So I'm going to start brown bagging my lunch and aside from the 40$ a week I put in my gas tank (grr) and the $20 I pay my voice teacher so we can chat and watch youtube videos (we actually are productive also. Chatting and watching youtube videos are all apart of my training. really.), I'm trying not to spend anymore money this month. Well okay I do have to go to Goodwill today to find a tall basket, but that's actually a necessity so there. I'm shutting up now. Apparently a week away made me even more yakkety. Oh dear.
So how was your weekend?


  1. I'm going to steal your room, k?

    Never give up hope or moxie or courage in pursuing your goals. Set backs are not dead ends. Love you.

  2. Is that pink trim? Love!

    Your room looks cozy and homey and a great place to drink coffee and read. Win!

  3. ooook...i have to put my mother to see that!!!

    she will go crazy!


    why when my room in in a mess i always find what i want???