April 2, 2010

Random thoughts and Very Exciting News

I will have a legitimate post tomorrow, but today I am in Big Bear. I will be all weekend. Expect great things.


I have officially tried sushi. Yesterday Bri, Michael, and Jess drug me out to a sushi bar for lunch. My plan was to stuff myself with egg rolls until I was so full I couldn't actually try anything, but that failed and so I had to try it. Don't get me wrong, I love fish. Like love it. but I like it cooked, and I like it to not trigger any gag reflex. Here is my impression of sushi: The rolls are the most disgusting thing ever created. Whoever thought eating seaweed was a good idea was a nutcase. It's gross. However, the actual sushi was not bad. I liked the shrimp and red snapper alot. The Salmon was okay, though the texture did get that gag reflex going. Of course that could have been from the fact that I stupidly named my piece of salmon (his name is Kyle and he is the one in the photo) before eating it. I also had a lettuce wrap that I actually liked alot. All in all it was okay. I think if I ate it more often I'd be okay with it, but at least I've tried it and it's done. Now Bri and Jess can stop bothering me about it. Also it was on my list of 101 things so I can knock one more thing off that.

And lastly thanks to the very beautiful Big Beautyful Mess for passing me the Beautiful Blogger Award (you're a doll!). I'm supposed to list seven random facts about me and pass it on to seven bloggers, but being that I am lazy today I will skip the last part. If you want the award consider yourself tagged! But of course I am going to tell you seven random facts about me, cuz that's what I do here.

1. I was named after a cabbage patch doll. I won't let my mother forget this, nor will I forgive her for it.
2. I have never had a shot. Like ever. Not once.
3. I was born on the same day that Pompeii blew up, but many years after. In case you were wondering.
4. My first sentance was "don't be pedantic." It is still my favourite sentance.
5. The first job I ever wanted was to be a fashion designer. Then one day my punk uncle (granted he was 18) told me he would never wear anything I designed. I was six. I gave up that dream then. Turns out I can't draw worth beans.
6. My favourite food is Lima beans. I am not kidding. Those things are the crap.
7. Laundromats are my biggest fear. I have one childhood memory that might explain this, but otherwise I do not know why I am terrified of them. They freak me out and I will do anything to avoid them.

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