March 31, 2010

I have a thing for fields

Field of Dreams

Sunglasses- F21
Sweater- Vintage
Blouse- Target

Sometimes California really surprises me. Don't get me wrong, I still hate the place, and am still planning on high-tailing it out of here in June, but I have come to a sort of peace about my time here. I am focusing on the positive. As I've said before, the world needs a California, it's just that I don't. But we really do have it all. I mean I spent Sunday in my hometown of San Diego at the beach/harbour, and Tuesday was a gloriously spring like day (despite a random heat spell at like 10:30 in the morning. It was icky hot!), and today is overcast and gloomy, and on Friday I'm heading up to the mountains which are covered and will be recovered in snow. So despite the fact that this is probably the last rain we'll get until December, I am trying to appreciate that I currently live in a place that "has it all." Even if personally, I could do with just the cold half.




That being said, I have been trying to search out "beautiful" places for photo shoots. I don't think Riverside is particularly beautiful (it has it's spots, but mostly it's not), but we do seem to have an abundance of random open fields. Now I have a horrible fear of snakes and bugs and dirt (it's gross guys. Seriously) which usually keep me far from these dry open fields. I'm all for muddy forests, and grassy knolls, but dry fields are not my cup of tea. However I saw one yesterday that enticed me and thus these photos were born. of course I did almost die while doing this, but that was half the fun I guess. I did learn some valuable lessons such as, heels + uneven terrain + no co-ordination = a bad idea and a rather sore ankle, also if you are in the middle of an open field and see a stink bug, no one will hear your blood curling scream. Also it will echo and you will be haunted by your own stupidity. So y'know that was good to learn.




But really I had so much fun doing this. There was this really big amazing tree out in the middle of the field that I really wanted to photograph, but it was a pretty big field and I was in heels and then the whole I'm terrified of snakes thing, so I decided to drive my Volvo station wagon (that luckily has four wheel drive) to the middle of this field not realizing that the grass was so tall it hot my waist, which means it was up to about the windows of my car. So yeah, my car kinda smells like burning grass, and I almost got stuck, and I'm sure I killed one of those endangered kangaroo mice (who cares that we manage to keep around kangaroo mice is beyond me because those suckers are freaking freaky), but I got some great photos, right? Okay I'll shut up now!

Up in the trees





There's a few more on Flickr here. I got carried away I think, but in my defence it was alot of fun!


  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVE these photos and love the pleated skirt.

    Also, I gave you the beautiful blogger awarad cuz ure beautiful!


  2. So you're scared of bugs snakes and mice, but still laid down in the grass? You are BRAVE.
    And I can see why you wanted a picture of that tree. It is lovely...just like you!

  3. gorgeous! i totally know what you mean about california. honestly ive been trying to runaway from here for ages. so many seem to be fascinated yet here we are attempting to solo elope at any chance lmao.

    great photographs sweetheart. gorgeous, i love the bright colors. they bring out your light skin tone much.

    p.s. just encountered your blog. will add definitely!

  4. BBM- Thanks! That skirt was a lucky find and I'm in love with it too. And Thanks! You're so sweet!

    Sarah R- I have to keep telling myself that I'm being riduculous whenever I get paranoid about bugs or snakes or evil mice, but then I hear a squeak or a rustle in the grass and scream and run. It's actually probably pretty hilarious to watch.

  5. Kristina- Why thank you! We can try to escape together! It's so funny when I hear people talk about how "wonderful" California is and I'm always like, yeah, um try living here all year round. Then tell me how great it is! And thanks for the add and sweet comment about my silly paleness! haha!

    Jennifer- Thank you!