May 5, 2010

ahhhhh.... I think.

Hey everyone! My Camera is having issues (if any of you are so inclined to hold a prayer vigil I would be obliged. If you're in the area we're having a healing of hands on Thursday at 4pm. I'm joking by the way.) and I can't get photos for today's Thoroughly Modern Vintage! So I will post it as soon as I can, but until my camera is fixed, things may be pretty slow around here. Kinda like my brain today (Parties in LA with closed off freeways at 1AM, plus getting in bed at 3Am plus discovering there are SIX nocturnal birds in the tree outside my window who felt the need to chat until 5:30 AM, are all not conducive to cognitive thoughts. Good lord I just want to go to bed.). I'm off to the camera shop so they can save my baby. I will have no memory of this post as soon as it's posted. Also when I did finally fall asleep I had a dream that involved the following
  • An Antique shop.
  • Me running around in my under ware in said antique shop
  • Several bloggers making an appearance
  • A bar
  • A televangelist in the bar
  • Some Jehovah's Witness clients of ours
  • A Bear
  • I, Claudius (I had to watch the whole series for Lab Hours when I took Latin in College)

I'm going to go to bed under my desk now.

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