May 4, 2010

Ill Suited

I have always had an issue with women's suits. I just don't like them. I mean, I actually loathe them. Pant suits, skirt suits, patterned suits, striped suits, I cannot stand the sight of them. Maybe it's some weird anti the man thing I've built up in my head, but I hate women's suits. I think back on my female professors and the ones who wore suits were the ones I really hated. My favourite professor was into indie music and wore vintage dresses and cardigans to class. I loved her. I liked my piano professor who would wear nice dresses, or skirts, or even the occasional jeans or bermudah shorts. I liked the ones who wore gym clothes, I was too hot on the 50 yr old bro ho, but that was for personal reasons, but the suit wearing ones... We just did not get along. Man my speech professor, she had the worst. They were in pastels and super ugly 80's career woman cuts, and then she made us talk about our feelings and how not to offened anyone ever. Basically I really, really hate suits. So then why, in the name of all things good on God's green Earth, was I attracted to this thing?


Beret- gift
Blouse- Thrifted
1970's Suit- Thrifted
Socks- Target
Shoes- Target

I have a theory behind this. I think that in my head this is like the "anti suit." I mean if, say, I had a professor who showed up to class wearing this (and no I did not take a time machine back to 1975), I would be pretty excited for that class. It could be math and I'd be excited for that class. Hell I'd love to be the professor if I got to teach while wearing this thing. I mean, it's a 70's, polyester, plaid suit. Which basically makes it the coolest thing ever created, right? Okay well maybe not the coolest thing, but I actually really like it. It's got attitude, and spunk, and if I ever needed to get lost in a Scottish Kilt Convention (best spy movie ever!), I would definately wear this thing. And wearing it in public automatically gives you a better moxie rating. Which is funny because most of the time I don't notice if people stare at me, but this suit made me notice. People were either alarmed, shocked, or highly amused. And I didn't give a flying fig. I was the gal in the plaid ployester 1970's suit. Bitch.


In all seriousness though I think there is something about this suit that comes off as whimsicle, or ironic, or maybe even a bit rebellious. It's like I'm saying "fine The Man, I'll wear your ugly ass suits but I am going to look cool while doing it. Take that!" And how awesome would this thing look with those 70's knee high boots? It almost makes me want to become a Lawyer so I could wear this to court. Almost.


Now I have one question for you all. See how my stupid bangs are all rolled back? Well I have been debating growing them out for a while. I love my bangs, but I'm getting real tired of being called "sweetie" and being asked if I am 15-17. Because actually I am nearly 23 and I kind of do not want people thinking I am 15. So let's have a little vote shall we? Bangs or no bangs? Which make me look older/better/less round faced/less like Miley Cyrus? On the one hand I have been told I have very expressive eyebrows, but on the other hand I do have to groom them more often....
Tonight I'm off to a birthday party for my dear lovely bestest friend!


  1. aw, i like that suit on you!

    i also like your bangs.. idk i just tend to love bangs on everyone! but i so know what you mean.. i hate being treated like i'm younger.. it's kind of the reason why i don't wear jeans or sneakers a lot, because they make me feel juvenile... ick

    have fun at the birthday party!
    xoxo jen

  2. I second this, I like your bangs! Haha. I also love the suit. Totally not-boring at all.

  3. I think you look really pretty without bangs! You look cute with bangs too, but I agree that they make you look younger.

    I love that suit! It's really quite fabulous, and you rock it so well. You look like you belong in a 1970s British mystery film. ;)

  4. hey girl hey... just letting you know i'm giving you these awards xoxo jen

  5. Jennifer- Thanks! I know, it's so annoying! The best is when I'm buyng alcohol and they look at me like they're onto my sneakiness and the waiter is usally lik" oh well let me see your ID" and then I show it to them and they say "O, you're older. Wow. You look 15!" Drives me nuts! And thanks for the award!

    Gazel- Thank you! This suit and boring couldn't even be neighbours! hahaha!

    Sarah- Thank you! I've decided to go ahead and grow them out for the time. I can always cut them again if I really miss it! The day I wore this it was pouring rain all day and was kinda like being in a 70's British Mystery!

    MIP- Thank you so much!!