May 3, 2010

Oh Monday...

Hi my name is Ashley and if I see another salad I am going to scream.

Not really, but possibly.

How was your weekend? Mine was not as relaxing as I'd have liked, but was pretty decent. I've only had once cup of coffee, and my brain is not totally on point, so here are some pretty things that have found their way into my life. I've also bought a ridiculous amount of dishes lately. Which brings me to the fact that I have decided to give up all shopping for the next month. We'll see how this goes.

Oh and just a reminder if you want me to feature a specific look for the last Installment of Thoroughly Modern Vintage, leave a comment (I know a few of you did already and I'm working on responses)!


40's Barrette

Picnic basket 1

Picnic Basket 2

Picnic Basket 3


  1. Thank you young lady! Love the gloves and I should really think about joining you on not shopping, it should be like a challenge and like we would post how horrendous it feels hehe =)

  2. I really like those gloves, I have a bunch of vintage gloves. They're pretty wonderful.


  3. MIP- Yeah I totally failed at the whole not shopping thing. I went to the Salvation Army last night and dumped $40 because I hit the freaking jackpot on clothes. But y'know, I'm trying... :-)

    Julia- Thank you for the comment! Ilove vintage gloves so much. My mom inherited a bunch from her grandmother whom I never met, and I used to play with them as a kid. They're just so pretty!