May 22, 2010

Pretty Projects

In an effort to get through all the projects I've got started, or built up in my mind, I'm going to start posting DIY's or sewing projects on Saturdays. So to kick it off, here's a two-fer of some springtime headwear.


The first is this little straw boater type hat I bought down in Long Beach. I wanted to dress it up a bit so here's what I did:


you will need:

  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue (don't forget this like some of us did)
  • scissors
  • matches or a lighter
  • various trims
  • needle and thread (optional)


After you've chosen what trims you'll use, begin by gluing your ribbon on the hat. You can sew it on, but the hot glue is stronger. Once you've glue the whole thing on, light a match and hold it close enough to the end of your ribbon to melt it, but not to burn it. This will prevent fraying.


Now make your bow. I made a loop and glued that together then glued a small piece around the loop. You can also sew this if you prefer, but again the glue is stronger. For the tail of the bow I used one long piece and folded the middle into a funky triangle thing and glued it to the back of the bow.



Now attach it to cover the seam of the ribbon with some more glue! Easy peasy! Make sure to glue the ends of the bow to the ribbon also. Once you've done that cut the tails of the bow and melt them with another match. I like the tails cut at alternating slants, but you can also do little "v's" if you prefer.


And now you have a pretty boater hat! I ended up using black velvet ribbon from Joann's. I think it was about $1.20 a yard, and I bought 2 yards and ended up with about half a yard left. The hat cost me about $3 and it took me about 15 minutes to complete the whole thing!


For the second piece I made a pretty little headband using some ribbon a few fake flowers and needle and thread. This is super easy! Simply cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie around your head and make a bow (I used the same method as above sans the tails). Stitch the bow onto the ribbon a little off centre and then glue on the tiny fake flowers! See easy as pie!

And now I have two very pretty new hair things! Happy crafting!

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