May 20, 2010

A softer side

Lately I've noticed a stark shift in the aesthetic I find myself drawn to. Usually when I'm out and about thrifting, I tend to gravitate towords "ugly" things: bright colours, garish designs, and just plain ugly things excite me. I cannot help it, I just like ugly.

But lately I've also been more attracted to softer pallettes and colours, and general pretty things. This isn't to say that I've never liked pretty things before, because I have. But as of late those are the things that attract me. Maybe it's the warm weather that's got me dreaming of lace, white cotton dresses, bare feet, picnics by a creek, and soft lighting, but whatever it is, I'm enjoying it very much.
Do you find the seasons bringing a shift in what you're drawn to?
Now I am off to go watch my little sister give her senior thesis! Congrats Bri! I'm so proud of you!
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  1. I've always loved the "pretty" things. I'm kind of idealistic like that.

    Sometimes I can't help but veer towards the ugly, too!

  2. I definitely understand this. It is hot here, and I've noticed that I gravitate towards my floaty skirts and tanks, with my flip flops. In the winter, it's more about texture. Of course, I don't get much of a winter here. *pout*

  3. ooo congrats to your sister !!!

    i think the same, and i blame spring as well ;-)

  4. Gazel- I feel the same way! But my love of ugly sometimes takes over and it gets, well, ugly! haha!

    Sarah R- Haha! I know I love Autumn and Winter, and never get enough, but I also love those lighter than air clothes!

    Mo- Thanks! Oh Spring, how you delight us all! haha!