June 8, 2010

Clever Title

I'm very tired today so I shall leave you with only a few words.

I'm currently recovering from this sunburn which was courtesy of the one hour I spent outside on Friday... I knew buying a X back swimsuit was a mistake.


I wore this yesterday to work. I never wear this skirt and everytime I do wear it I always wonder why I don't wear it more, but then I wash it and hang it up and never wear it.


Skirt-Thrifted, vintage
Earrings- F21
Necklace- Stolen from my grandma
Watch- Thrifted, vintage
Shoes- Target







I'm kind of in love with these shoes right now. They're super cute, and super comfy.


I just realized I have a free lunch voucher. This makes my empty bank acount a little happier.


  1. The red and white outfit is really cute. I always shy away from bright skirts, but that red one is so perfect for a summer day I may have to find a similar one for myself.

  2. Oh mylanta, that sunburn has gotta hurt.
    And I love the red skirt. It's my favorite color you know. And if you lived next door, I'd borrow it. A lot. ;)

  3. This is such a perfect outfit! I must find a red skirt! I've been looking but no luck so far. You look beautiful. I feel bad for your back, it probably hurts when you lay down! Ouch! Hope you feel better soon, some Aloa gel does wonders!

  4. i love that skirt! ah, you look great. but yikes... sorry about your back!

  5. Poor thing! I hope you feel better!

  6. Kendra- I think I tend to shy away from the brightness too, but I do love it onve it's on! Thank you!

    Gypsy- Thank you! I'm all better now!

    Sarah R- It did hurt, but it's all healed up now! If we lived next door you would be more than welcome to borrow it! haha!

    MIP- I had to start carrying aloe with me that week because it hurt to do anything! I finally found this skirt about two years ago after searching for months for one. Don't give up! haha!

    Jennifer- Thanks!

    Monique- Thank you! I do!