June 13, 2010

Pretty Projects: the sewing edition

This past week I have two graduations to attend, stayed up all night making a dress, worked, and tried to ignore certain stupidity in certain people I love. And I have been exhausted all week. But for now, here is the dress.

I found this pretty print at Joann's a few weeks ago and as it was on sale for 2$ a yard, I bought all they had of it. I needed a dress to wear to Chelsea's High School Graduation on Thursday, so I made this little dress.

A-line skirts are my favourite shape of skirt, and the length couldn't be better. I also love the 40's-ish feel to the overall shape.
Plus it has gigantic pockets! Jessica and I were experimenting with how much stuff we could fit in one pocket:
2 Staplers, 2 rolls of stamps, my cellphone, nail polish, a staple remover, whiteout tape, and a rock. We probably could have put more, but were very amused with the staplers.

Half my arm disappears in the pockets. I really love the pockets.The pattern was Simplicity 2591 and came together like a dream. There was one confusing part on the pocket, but I soon worked through it and everything came out better than I could have hoped! I'm a terrible dunce at sewing but this one was actually very easy. It only took about 3 hours of sewing time (and that's with the hitch of somehow sewing the bodice onto the zipper, which my only explanation for how that happened was that it was 4 in the morning). I will definitely use this pattern again and again. I expect that by summer's end I will have a gaggle of this dress hanging in my closet. It's incredibly easy to wear too. I'm going to make my second one today!

Rehearsals start tomorrow! I have rehearsals four nights a week now, and haven't quite figured out what my blogging schedule is going to be from now until August, so bare with me as I work all these out. I did find a wonderful solution to rehearsal wear, which I will share with you all later this week.
For now I am back to reading And Then There Were None!


  1. oh my Gosh what a beautiful dress! I've been looking for a red skirt just like yours and now you show me this dress! hehehe You look great Ashley, I love big pockets too! =)

  2. that dress is amazing. seriously. i'm so jealous of your dress making skills!

  3. how nice ! damn i wish i could make my own dresses !

  4. That is super cute! I'm with the others--I wish I could make my own dresses!

  5. LOVE IT. I love vintage patterns - I really need to learn how to sew, you have AMAZING skills!

    - Sarah

  6. MIP- Hahaha! Thank you! Good luck on the skirt hunt!

    Jennifer- Thank you! I'm not that great at sewing, but I do love it!

    Mo- You should try. trust me, if I can do it, anyone can do it!!

    Kendra- Thanks! Like I said, I'm a total sewing dunce, so give it a shot!

    Sarah- Thank you! I think I need to start showing you all the crooked stiches so you don't think I'm some sort of genius sewist! But really it's so much fun!