June 15, 2010

Opera Girl Does Musicals

Just a quick note before I head to rehearsal! Last night was Orientation and song assignment (shockingly I got opera-ish songs! who'd have guessed? I do get to sing Phantom of the Opera too. I'm so shocked... that was sarcasm by the way) and tonight is our first dance rehearsal! The title of this post by the way refers to the fact that every time I do a musical everyone calls me Opera Girl, but every time I do an Opera they call me Musical Girl. I just can't win...

As I mentioned earlier, I found the solution to the whole rehearsal clothing dilemma. I went to American Apparel (not someplace I normally shop) and found two knit dance dresses, a leotard and skirt! I figure with tights and shorts they should be perfect for keeping cute, yet being functional! So from now on I'm going to try to do one post a week showing my day wear and rehearsal wear. I'm hoping to mix and match somewhat and try to keep it interesting. So here's what I wore today:




Belt- Torrid years ago
Shoes- Thrifted
Earrings, necklace, & watch- F21, Chinatown San Francisco, vintage

and here's what I'm wearing to rehearsal:



Dress- American Apparel
Cami- Costco
Tights- Target
Jacket- Target (theatres can get cold oddly enough)
Shoes- Rocket Dog via DSW
Scarf- Vintage

Now I would never normally sport anything like this as day wear, but for rehearsal it's pretty cute I think! And fits dress code (no bras, booty shorts)! I tried to keep a little vintage feel with the scarf and red lips. Which by the way I bought some new lipstick. It's Buxom (by bare essentials or whatever) Barcelona. It's a matte lipstick and stays pretty much all day. This is my second application today and I did it an hour ago! I highly recommend it!

Okay enough! I've got to scoot! I'm way more excited than I know what to do with myself! haha!


  1. I love that vintage dress, I almost thought it was a skirt and a top and I also love the yellow and red combination, I must try it!

  2. haha i was going to say almost the exact same thing as modesty is pretty... oh, and i was going to add that i can't WAIT to see your other rehearsal outfits! how exciting! xo

  3. MIP- thank you! I love red and yellow together, but rarely do it!

    Jennifer- Thanks! More coming tomorrow!