July 15, 2010

Beauty School Drop Out

Last month I went to get lunch from my favourite cafe and popped into a tiny "antique" store on my way. I've been in this place a few times and it's never yeilded much in the way of impressive goods. It's a really odd shop mostly full of furniture that is not as old as they claim, but I do check it out from time to time in hopes of uncovering a real gem. Well last month I finally found a gem.

1953 Cosmetology Textbook

This is a textbook for the Mansfield Beauty Academy. It's from 1953! While I am not a huge fan of the fifties (far too over the top and frou-frou-y for my tastes. I like my frou-frou in minimal doeses), I think (most of) the principals are incredibly helpful! There are all kinds of bits of info on setting your hair, and applying makeup, and things that I find incredibly helpful for achiving a vintage look. And it cost me $9! Here's a few excerpts. I hope to someday scan the whole thing, but for now here are some of my favourite sections. And as always there are a ton more photos here.

Ensuring seccess as a Beautician

The Perfect Beautician!

I just love this illistration!
This illustration makes me laugh everytime I see it!




How to properly roll pincurls!

different bangs/fringe cutting patterns

front sets

front sets

Front sets

Hair Sets

Hair Sets

More Hair sets

Acne tool. Which is terrifying.
This is an acne tool. It is terrifying.

Bleach Mask... Ummm...
Okay, while I appreciate the idea of this (I've got a nasty tan on my back), I cannot imagine putting bleach on my body. But hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do... I guess...

How to perfect your lip shape with lipstick!

Electrolosis... eek!
Just looking at this gives me the creeps! I don't like needles to begin with, but this solidifies my fear of them!

So there you have it! I've already used the book to learn how to do standing pincurls and it's really, really helpful! I think I'll try fingerwaves next!


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  2. Ha! Too cute, "Gab... and they won't like you". Not such bad advice lol What a great find

  3. Oh my! That is a fantastic book. I love weird old beauty tips. Though I must say the acne and bleach treatments are a little scary! I'm also finding myself with a little more summer tan than I'd like, but I think I'll pass on the bleach mask... ;)

  4. This is so neat! as someone who works in this industry I would love to see more.

  5. really cute.. but I want to see the finished product! How did the pincurls come out?

  6. Brittney- I know! It cracks me up because I really hate having to talk to my hair stylist! It makes me nervous! haha!

    Sarah- As tempting as ridding myself of this tan sounds, I think I'll skip it too!

    Carly- I will definatley try and get the whole book scanned in the next few weeks! There's a whole section on massage and physiology as well. I had no clue beauty training as so in depth!

    MIP- Thanks

    TI- haha! The pictures of me from my show my hair was pin curled using the method in the book! They come out amazing!