July 14, 2010

A Week?

AhhhhOh man I cannot believe It's been a week since I last posted! (I meant to, I really did, but time just keeps slipping away. It's both a good thing and a tiring thing. rehearsals are nearly done and we're heading into Hell Week (tech week), so Posting may be sporatic at best, but I will honestly try to be better. Both on commenting and posting. I've barely read anyone's posts in the last two weeks! I guess the problem is that this silly show has taken over my life (that and something else, I'll tell you about someday. Don't fret, it's a very good thing!). But ye olde bloge is not forgotten. Honestly! I've been trying to find times for outfit photos, but never seem to find any, and my picture taking has been pretty much limited to when I use my camera as a prop on stage (the photos of that scene are getting progressively more ridiculous now that people know I'm actually keeping the photos!). I could probably afford to sneak out of rehearsal between numbers, but that would risk my fellow cast members finding me. You should have seen the re-action I got when I tried to explain my blog to this one guy who was going on about how cool he thought my "rockabilly" style was (I am not rockabilly at all).
Ashley: oh thanks, it's actually more 40's inspired but thank you!
M: where did you find the idea to dress like that?
A: oh, I've always loved fashion, and especially vintage fashion, and I've always dressed a little bit vintage, but in the last year or so I realized it was more "me" so I say what they hey! I have a vintage fashion-y blog and follow alot of other ones, so I get most my ideas there.
M: what exactly do you do with a "vintage fashion blog." (air-quotes were present)
A: Oh we take pictures of ourselves in our outfits and post them online.... (cricket, cricket) it's alot less narssisitic than it sounds. People are very supportive and friendly.
M: uh-hun? Wow. that's really weird. Y'know that right?
A: No it's really not! I promise, we're all very normal, nice, not full of ourselves people! We just like clothes! And we like seeing what other people wear. Like I said, I get alot of inspiration from looking at other people's outfits.
M: from looking at the clothes on people you don't know?
A: It's not weird, okay.
See? I'm trying to keep a low profile. At least until my bio is printed (don't worry I didn't whore out my link, but I mentioned blogging (this is sad right?)(oh man I'm talking way too much! I should never not blog for a whole week again!)).

But in news that you might actually care about news, the past week has been quite a good one (aside from two collasally terrible rehearsals... don't get me started)! First off I have discovered a new band Hjaltalin. From Iceland. And if that didn't make them cool enough, the lead femal singer is totally my doppleganger. No joke look:

HjaltalĂ­n from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

Basically they are everything I love. Also I totally want that thing around her neck. And to move to Iceland. Are anywhere that it's not 110 degrees. We've had the weirdest weather this last week too! We had virtually no June Gloom, and then the first two weeks of July it was 80 at most. Then This week happened. I've re-enacted the scene where the Wicked Witch of the West melts several times. It's bad. Real bad. But last Wednesday was really wonderful! Bri, Jess, Charissa, Sarah, and I all took a jaunt to Corona Del Mar, (where Arrested Development is set)which is probably my favourite non-surfing beach. It's small, but really lovely. There's a really amazingly tide pool section of the beach with rocks and caves and everything a little girl who wants to be an Irish Mermaid could ask for (not that I know any of those....). We didn't make it over to the tide pools on this trip, but we're definatley going to go back soon for another little trip. It was so lovely, and the perfect vacation from work/rehearsals. I was the only one who braved the "cold" water (it was 64!), and let me tell you, it was so refreshing! Even if I did get a rock in my eye which temporarily blinded my left eye as I drove home. Here's some of the best pictures from our little day trip.


It's calling my name

Happy times


setting sun

Ripples in the water

The whole gang

Together forever

We're so cheesy

The ladies and their feets

The ladies



Jump Win-ish

Jump fail

double take II

Sun Salutation


Flaming Marshmello

The Russian immigrant street performer

Did you know you should not step on hot coals?

Before a cool dip!

After a cool dip!
Bad photo, but see I went swimming!


  1. haha what a guy! Some people will never understand anything about style. WIll never care for vintage, and will think that people who are different are weird. Great pictures!

  2. i LOVE that photo of us all leaning on each other. loveLOVElove.