July 6, 2010


There are moments when I just want to leave everything I own (especially when the things I own decide to come crashing off the wall of my bedroom) behind, grab a duffel bag and my passport, and just go somewhere. Anywhere. Live in flowy Bohemian dresses and sandals, let my hair go wild, forever give up makeup, and live like a nomad for a year or two. Maybe get involved in an international jewel heist, or some sort of exotic mystery. Or even go on a quest for some temple hidden in a snake infested rain forest. I'd put earrings in all my earring holes that I stupidly pierced in High School. I might even add another two. I'd buy bangles in India, and wear flowers in my hair. At night I'll dance to gypsy music with bells 'round my ankles and sleep in tree houses lit by candles. In the mornings I'd swim in a lake, or a river, or a creek, or the sea.

Maybe someday.
All images from we heart it


  1. Agreed. I want to go to all these places. Especially that bed in the forest.

  2. hi, your blog is amazing!
    these pics are really beautiful..
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  3. Charissa- me too.... le sigh.

    Carly- That one is my particular favourite!

    Carlotta- Welcome! Thanks for the comment! I will definatley check out your blog!!