August 17, 2010


Dress- Made by me
Shoes- Target

We had a heatwave hit us this week. It's our normal temps for August but since we've had such a marvellously mild summer this year, it's absolutely miserable right now. My birthday is a week from today and I'm having a little get-together tonight (I have a few friends who leave for school this weekend). We're supposed to swim and BBQ, but it's so bloody hot that We may end up just laying on the floor of my air conditioned house and groaning about how bloody hot it is.


My parents left for vacation on Saturday and I stayed behind to house sit, which I define as "Become a hermit-ess and watch On The Road With Austin And Santino until you have to have a mini break down from the fact that your only companion, and the only living thing you've seen all week, is your psychotic, escape artist dog who has a penchant for howling at rocks and escaping from the back yard somehow. and who is currently barking her head off anything that passes in front of the house." I'm very glad to be having people over tonight.

(This would be that psychotic dog, who also thought my tripod was an evil being and tried to bite it...)
That's not to say I haven't enjoyed being home alone. I have. I've gotten so much done including the above dress. But I'm a very sociable person. I need noise, and people, and movement around me pretty much 24/7, and psycho dog isn't cutting it. But the whole point of this post is the dress. Remember this one? The one that I was going to have a gaggle of by the end of summer. Well I've got three (the other one was this disaster), and I think this is my favourite. I'm having some fit issues with the neckline and haven't quite figured out how to remedy it yet. So for this one I simply gathered it and I actually quite like it! Also, why have I not discovered bias tape for finishing before? I HATE finishing neck lines and arm holes. I also hate hemming. But I do not mind using bias tape. Also I really, really love the grey with this dark rosy fabric. Which by the by do your recognize it? Funny story. I thrifted that other tunic-y thing but it was originally from Target. I love the print but not so much the style. So I went to Joanns', maybe three days later, and they had a bolt of the same fabric in this rosy-maroony-mauvey colour. So I bought all they had in the store. I was very happy. and I still have enough fabric for a whole other dress.


I have much to do and very little motivation to do it . And the psychopathic dog is now freaking out because there are city workers trimming a tree in front of our house. I should probably go reassure her that they are not going to hurt her damn rock.


  1. Nice dress, you have talent for making it! :)

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