August 13, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile Pt. 2

I used to feel really weird wearing brooches (broochs? broochs'?). I loved the idea of them, but never really felt like I could pull them off. I don't even remember when I finally started wearing them, but I now love them! I wear one nearly every day! They are the perfect thing to finish off an outfit. Over the past few years I have accumulated quite a collection and it makes me incredibly happy!

yeah, it's kind of an obsession...

Pink- Vintage, came with a shirt I got rid of, Star- from a little thrift shop, Circular- stole it from my sister, Bouquet- Pilgrim Place 2 yrs ago (has matching earrings!), Gold Dress Clip- Gift from Chelsea, Yellow Flower- Gift from my mom and dad from Magpie vintage in Portland, Pearl- Pilgrim Place, Flower w/ stem- Pilgrim Place

Small Cameo- Belgoned to my great-great grandmother (don't tell my mom I have it! When she bits the dust, I get it anyways ;-)), Artemis Cameo- Pilgrim Place?, Butterfly- thrifted, Military-ish one- Thrifted, Yellow Scotty Dog- Free from an antique shop a rarely go to, pearly scotty dog- from a giant bag of broken jewelry from my favourite thrift store, Silver drop- tiny thrift shop, Golfing Girl- tiny thrift shop, Brass fancy one- grab bag of broken jewelry ( most of it wasn't actually broekn, just in need of some TLC)

These were all souvineers from my trip to the UK and Ireland. Bear- Ailwee Caves, Ireland, Thatched house & Welsh Flag- St. Fagans National History Museum, Wales, Roman Baths- Roman Baths, Bath, England, Shakespeare pins- Shakespeare House, Stratford upon Avon, "Barrett"- My family's crest (which looks like some sort of test grid), somewhere in Ireland, I don't remember though, St. Paul's Cathedral- St. Paul's Cathedral, London (there is something very comical to me that St Paul's cathedral has a website.)

All these were thrifted from various places.

These are the two sweater clips I've found. The first one is a crown and sheild with sword and staff, the other is just simple pearls.
And that is my collection of pins, brooches (?), and clips!

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