August 12, 2010


I'm sitting at a coffee shop getting ready to play their open mic night. I love technology. (but not as much as you, you see)


I have always had a weird fascination with cemeteries. I don't think it's weird at all. I mean first off some old cemeteries are absolutely beautiful, and secondly every cemetery I have visited is like an odd, somewhat morbid time capsule. Being a lover of things old, there is something strangely magical about these places. Maybe I'm nuts, but I think Cemeteries are really very beautiful.



This cemetery is the oldest one in town. it dates back to the 1800 back when Riverside was a wee little orange grove colony. When I was in high school I used to walk from my house down to there and write down all the funny or beautiful names from the headstones (I have another odd fascination with names). Some of these names ended up becoming characters in stories I wrote, while others have been filed away for possible future children (Octavian I'm looking at you). Today I was driving by and saw that the landscaping crew forgot to lock the gate (it closed at 5) so I took the opportunity to snap a few photos. They crypt is my favourite part. It makes me think of all sorts of really wonderful old English mysteries. So I hope I don't creep any of you out with these photos!!





Because I am an idiot I forgot to give y'all the outfits stats and I even had a small little chat about this particular one. One the plus side I played really well tonight.
This "dress" is actually a nightgown I found at a new thrift store in town (local peeps it's on the corner of 14th and Park? (I think) right after the 91 freeway underpass where that old Mexican Bread shop used to be.). It cost me 1$. I had originally planned on shortening it to this length, but I think I kind of like the blouse-y thing. It's my take on Edwardian-does-Hippie. Also my bag came from the same store. When I was in high school I was mildly obsessed with military inspired bags and was constantly on the lookout for a real army bag. Well I finally found one. And for $1. When I got home I opened the bag to find a toothbrush as well as about 10 beer bottle caps... I don't think I want to know the senario behind them...
The girl singing right now sounds like a dying cow.


  1. LOL I like them too so I think it's kind of neat.

    My grandfather is buried in that cemetery. So to me it's even cooler.

  2. I LOVE the dress! And I love cemeteries, too. I don't think it's weird, but then I lived in Scotland, where it was common town custom for students to picnic, study, and sun bathe amidst 16th century gravestones in the local cathedral ruins/cemetery. Perhaps I have a weird perspective, but I agree, they are like little historical time capsules, and worthy of being noticed and appreciated. :)