August 3, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile Pt. 1

It's a rare occasion that my dresser is clean. It's kind of where I toss everything at the end of the day, and usually is piled with junk. But on those rare occasions, I think it's very pretty. My dresser is right by my big east facing window and so it catches the morning light perfectly (which can mean things melt if it gets too hot!). One morning a while ago, it was looking particularly pretty so I took some photos before I messed it up in a mad rush to get ready for work.

My dresser was given to me by my maternal great-grandparents. It, along with my headboard, desk, chair, mirror, and two end tables, were all theirs in the 40's & 50's (well also up until they moved from their house in 2003). There's something really wonderful to me about being the new owner of these items. My grandparents used this furniture, and my parents used this furniture, and now it's mine. It may not be worth much in reality, but the legacy is worth alot to me.

The vanity set was given to me by my grandma ( my mom's mom). I don't actually know who it belonged to originally. We lived with my grandparents for a time when I was a kid and I have no memory of ever seeing it in the house. Nor do I remember it being in my great-grandparent's house either. I know it belonged to some family member, but who I'm not sure. So I have no idea how old any of it is, but I'm guessing late 50's or 60's. There are two perfume bottles, a brush, a hand mirror, and powder cup thing, and a mirrored tray. There was at one time a comb also, but I used it as a prop once in a play, and misplaced it (By the way Jill if you ever find the comb amid Birdie stuff, it's mine).

I own alot of hair things. My solution to the "where do I store all this stuff?" problem was to go to Goodwill and buy a bunch of jars and vases to keep things in. The little one holds clips and little hair bits, and the wooden lidded one holds bigger hair things. The Orla Kiely for Target bowl is for hair scarves, headbands, ribbons, bows, and all other sundry of things.

The perfume bottles are my favourite part of the vanity set. This one holds my favourite really cheap, but ridiculously wonderful perfume, which I cannot find anywhere anymore. I never use it because I'm afraid to run out! It smells like all the best of Autumn, and all the best of Spring rolled together.

The lace runner I actually found at Pilgrim's Place two years ago (this is the festival I go to every Fall), for 50 cents. It may or may not be vintage, but either way it's really lovely. The thimble was also a gift from my Nana. Louisa May Alcott s my favourite author and so my Nana bought me this when she went to the Alcott house a few years ago. I love the detailing of the tray. What I didn't get a photo of (and what is my favourite feature of this whole set), is the distortion on the mirror on the tray. It's discoloured and perfectly aged. I love it so much.

This is the powder holder, but since I do not use powder, I use this thing as a clever little holder for hair pins, and bobby pins. It is the perfect container for them!


The milk glass cup I found at Goodwill last year and use it to hold hairbands. The vases hold brushes and combs, and nail files, tweezers, clippers, and other things that needed a pretty home.

The tin in the back is probably the thing about my dresser that makes me giggle the most. In it's former life it held ginger thin cookies that I bought for a party last year. I love the colours and the Scandinavian folk designs, so I washed it out and use it to hold all my various curlers. Rag, per rods, sponge, and big rollers all live in that silly tin. I just have to make sure the "Nutrition Facts" aren't visible!

And that's my dresser. Silly as it sounds, it makes me incredibly happy seeing it.

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