August 2, 2010


So I am done with weekend one of shows. It. Was. Fantastic! Seriously, both the most wonderful and most odd weekend ever. I was kind of awesome, and am still trying to decipher the meaning of one particular person's reaction (oy), but it was actually amazing! I was even somewhat proposed to due to my singing. Too bad he didn't like white girls... it was weird. But I'll get to all that eventually.

So now it's time to play catch-up and tell you all about the exciting things I have been doing but not blogging about. We'll start with July 18th. We'll start there, because it was kind of one of the best days of my life.

Chelsea's birthday was the 21st and for her birthday she wanted one thing, and one thing only. She wanted to go to the Hollywood Bowl and see 3 bands play. You might have heard of these bands:


YES! I got to see them all!!!! It was an amazing concert! But I'm getting ahead of myself. The day started out like any other, and we were excitedly getting ready when we realized we had only bought 3 tickets to go and had not even bothered asking Delaney if she wanted to go. So I got on the phone with the Bowl trying to see if by some miraculous chance they had a seat in our section available. We were aiming for a few rows behind or in front. I explained the situation to the lady in the box office and she checked and laughed. I cringed. She then told me that there was one seat in our section that was still available. ONE SEAT. I told her I didn't care where it was, I wanted it. Then she told me it was the seat right next to ours!!!! No joke! So I bought the ticket had it waiting at will call and we told Delaney she could come. She did a happy dance all around the kitchen for the next half hour. I should also tell you that I was deathly sick during this concert. I caught a flu thing that was going around my cast, plus the weather was not co-operating and my sinuses were all out of whack so I had some sinus infection thing. I was tired, and miserable, and did not care at all. I was going to see Zooey Deschanel even if it killed me. Well it almost did because right before The Swell Season came out I got a toothache that ended up becoming an abscess (I know tmi, but we're all friends here) by the end of the night. My right jaw line was swollen for a week. It was horrible, but I refused to let it get the best of me because I was going to see Zooey Deschanel.

Okay so enough jibber jabbering, here's photos from the concert. We had such a blast, and I even fell in love with a roadie (I'm not actually joking about that). I will say this though, this was probably one of the most refreshing concerts I've ever attended. Each and every single one of the performers were so incredibly humble, and honestly grateful for the audience. It was like they couldn't actually believe that we had taken time out of our day to go and watch them play some music and sing a song or two. And Zooey Deschanel is the world's most awkward performer. I loved it. They all had varying degrees of stage presence that was iconically "them." It was so genuine and really very intimate. Honestly if you ever get to see any of them play, go! It was just marvelous!



I am now an expert at driving in Los Angeles traffic and taking pictures at the same time. It's a talent.



Waiting it get in!!

I'm pretty sure Lindsey Lohan is the reason this bathroom sign exists!

I don't like hot dogs, and these were good hot dogs.

we were two hours early because we had planned on eating at a restaurant before hand. But the restaurant was closed for renovation. So Stadium food it was!


Bri was obsessed with those stupid seat cushions. And ignore Delaney. She's fifteen and thinks she's hilarious, and I don't have photoshop.

Again, ignore Delaney. We can't take her anywhere.

Even the coffee was ridiculously good for being stadium coffee





I really was ridiculously sick...





I was a little obsessed with their tights.


Someday we're going to have amazingly beautiful guitar playing children and hang out with Matt and Zooey. It's going to be awesome.

The dress...

The old guy was my fave.

It was packed! We shared the audience with Colin Farrel, Drew Barrymore, and Selma Hayak. Not that we saw any of them. Chelsea is convinced she saw Christina Applegate, but we have no proof of this.


Jill it is not weird that I know her shoe size. okay.


Girlfriend can sing.






As always there are lots more here!

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  1. I got the finger-picture-thing from you, thank you very much, and I am a hell of a lot more mature than most of the fifteen year old's that I know, and that you know, so allow me a little childishness.