September 14, 2010


Back In The Game






Dress- Vintage
Bag- Vintage, thrifted
Belt- torrid ages ago
Shoes- Thrifted
Pin- Vintage
Earrings- Target

I think, that after a very long summer of being uninspired, a little lost, and generally moody, I am back. And I think we'll start off by doing an outfit post. Nothing new or terribly exciting, but I think I like it. I'm not really a fan of skirts that are this full on me, but I'll live with it. I think my hair came out pretty great though! My "bangs" aren't quite long enough to pin up, but with the aid of about a million bobby pins, and some aquanet, I think we're in business. I actually rag curled my hair rather than pin curling because rags take about five minutes to do, whereas the pin curls take me about 45 minutes to do. I think I like this softer look anyways.




I'm so excited for Autumn guys! I cannot wait! Also I am still having computer issues, but have found a way to still blog. Hopefully this weird dual computer blogging won't last long, but at least I'll be able to post something!

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