September 13, 2010

Technical issues

Everyday should be like this!

I'm having some major computer issues right now (my car AND computer would die on me in the same week), and am wiping the thing clean in an effort to solve some of it's issues (which means I get to go through the long, arduous process of backing everything up like I should have done months ago...), so posting may, or may not happen. Buuuut I have been excellent about queueing up my tumblr, which you should totally check out, because it's pretty cool! Also I changed both the layout of my tumblr and ye olde bloge so that they match, because I'm cute that way. Also, I am dangerously close to bobbing my hair. I know this is a bad idea, I know I will regret it if I do, but I have seen no fewer than three pictures of pretty vintage styled girls with auburn-y bobbed hair. And then I went to Boarders today and the cashier was a vintage styled girl with auburn-y hair. Which of course makes me regret dying my hair, and really makes me want to chop it off... somebody stop me!

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