September 17, 2010

Honey I’m still free, take a chance on me.

Eleven Dollar Dress




Dress- Vintage
Belt- Thrifted
Pumps- Thrifted w/ tags on!
Bow- Walmart

Yesterday was like a yo-yo. It had it's good moments, but it also had it's not so good moments. However, the good moments did outshine the bad. For example: I needed a new guitar tuner and stopped by the music shop downtown. Across the street is a place called Rob's Vintique. It's like, the only true vintage shop in the county (I may be exaggerating, but probably not.), but I've only been there a few times. They tend to be a bit overpriced and carry mostly 70's and 60's stuff, which while I do appreciate it, it's just not me (at least not anymore). They also never have anything in my size, so I usually just skip it. Not that this fact makes it a bad shop. I hate it when shops get bad reviews for not carrying larger sizes, when the truth is that larger sizes are just not as common. But the point is, yesterday I took a chance. Well turns out I had misjudged the shop. They actually had quite a lot of older vintage pieces, including this bordeaux 1930's dress with peach-y lace (which was really alot better than it sounds now!) I'd have killed for. And their pricing was pretty standard, and even really good on some items. There were a couple of dresses in really good shape for $20-$30. They had some up in the $60-$70 range, but for the most part it was pretty decent. I saw this white 40's dress on the rack and it looked to be my size, but I passed on the $35 price tag. I'd just spent $40 on a dumb guitar tuner, and was trying to be mindful of my pocket book.




But, a little further down the rack, there was my 40's white dress again (technically it's a bit off white from aging, but...)! What, what! I picked this one up to see what size it was, and it was exactly my measurements.... weird right. So I checked the price of this one: $15 as is. There is a tare in the shoulder and at one of the buttons, but that's it! And it's easily fixable! So I went and tried it on. It fit like a glove! The fabric is absolutely wonderful! It's a seer suckered nylon/crepe blend (I'm assuming this was some sort of uniform which would explain why there is a tag with measurements and fabric content) and other than the two problem spots, the fabric is really sturdy (which has not deterred me from being terrified of ripping it!). So knowing that I was NEVER going to find anything this perfect on me again, I went ahead and bought it. It's only $15 after all right? Oh no, they were having a store-wide sale that I didn't know about, and it actually ended up coming out to $11.29. Yes, for a mere eleven dollars I procured an incredibly well fitting 1940's dress with minimal damage. Of course I couldn't wait to fix it to ware it, so here you have my pretty amazing "new" dress. Needless to say, I think I will be back to this shop again.

I didn't get all the measurements for the shop my closet sale, so I'm postponing it until tomorrow.


  1. You must do your hair like that everyday! I kid you not, you look gorgeous!

  2. I just discovered your blog today & I love it! Such wonderful dresses!