September 16, 2010

Little Girl Blue

Little Girl Blue



Late 40's Day Dress- Vintage, Etsy
Belt- Thrifted
Socks- Target
Brown Penny Loafers- Thrifted Ralph Lauren, gift from my sister! (Thanks Bri!)
I bought this dress on Etsy probably a year ago. Somehow, either I, or the seller messed up on the measurments because I got the thing and it was huge on me. Like tent status. So I put it in my mending pile and forgot about it. When my parents were on vacation in August, I started trying to get things mended and found this dress. So A couple of darts, and about five inches taken in on the arms and it nearly fits me. It's still too big in the bust and I have a small issue with altering vintage clothes. I just don't like it when people chop up these perfectly fine, but not meant for you dresses when there's someone else out there who it would fit perfectly. It bothers me, so I try not to do it. Especially with larger dresses because I know larger sized vintage is hard to come by (all my alterations are easily reversed!). So I was planning on re-selling this dress. Except when I put it on today I found some blue spots all over it! This dress ended up in a pile of other people's clothes and was not washed by me, and apparently there was a load of laundry that came out with blue spots and no one bothered to check this dress before hanging it up to dry! So I'm going to attempt getting the spots out because it really is a lovely dress! I'm so, so sad!!! But I am wearing it today while cleaning and re-organizing my room (pictures to come!). It's so comfy, and easy to wear!




On that note, I am going to have a little shop my closet sale tomorrow (after I finish measurments!). My car's ready to kick the bucket and I need to unload some things that don't get enough lovin' around here. So watch for that!!

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