September 16, 2010

It don't mean a thing...

The coffee shop I play open mic night for has swing dance lessons and a dance on Monday nights. I'm an abismal dancer (thanks to my utter lack of co-ordination and flippers for feet) but I really want to start going regularly. I get super self concious when dancing (thanks to my utter lack of co-ordination and my tendancy to keep having to apologize to my partner's poor feet), but I think if these swell gals can swing like they just don't care, then so can I. So I think I'll suck up my pride and go next week. I'd better start getting some clever apologies ready.

Regular post to follow, but I thought this video was too cute not to post!

1 comment:

  1. Hurrah for swing dancing! When you're a beginner, it's always the lead's fault. No, really. ;] Hehe. If you think that way you'll feel better. Haha. I've had guys apologise to me when I've stepped on THEIR feet. Brilliant. Have fun!
    -Andi x