September 4, 2010

Mad for plaid







A few weeks ago I had to go to San Bernardino to run a work errand and took the opportunity to hit up a few thrift stores out there that I never get to go to. There is one that I always go to in hopes of finding something good, but never do. It's in a not so good neighbourhood (welcome to San Berdoo), and it's always crowded with mostly trashy people and their screaming, bratty children, but I keep at it for some reason. On my last trip I found a few decent things and for some unknown reason I picked this flannel 90's maternity dress. I guess I liked the plaid or something, but the actual dress was really bad and terribly unflattering. So today I turned it into a skirt. It was pretty easy. All I did was chop off the top of the dress, take in the sides (unfortunatly eliminating the pockets), put in 2 darts in the front and back, add a waistband, put in a zipper and a hook and eye, added a bow and Voila! New fall skirt! Super simple!




I found these pumps at Goodwill the other day. They had never been worn and still had the tags on. For $10 which was 15 dollars cheaper than what they retailed for! Normally I wouldn't spend that much on shoes at a thrift shop, but these were in really good condition. I didn't have any 40's style brown pumps so I was pretty excited to find these! They have a wonderful boxy heel, and just enough of a platform to not be vulgar. When I was buying them the very old lady in front of me told me that I reminded her of Judy Garland, which might be the best compliment I've ever recieved. She told me I talked exactly like I was from the 40's too! So all in all I'm a very happy gal!

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