September 8, 2010



I found this really cool vintage scrapbook at Salvation Army way back in June. It's obviously from the late 60's/early 70's and I love the browned pages and musty, dirty smell of it! I think it's quite fabulous! I've been meaning to scrapbook for years. When I went to England, Wales, and Ireland I brought a manila envelope with me to put all my ticket stubs and paper ephemera in to scrapbook when I got home. Well I still have the manila envelop, still have the paper ephemera, and have added more bits and bobs from two New York trips, and my San Francisco trip last summer. The problem is I've never bothered to print pictures so I am definitely going to have to do that here soon so I can finally put all this stuff in a scrapbook. I have another scrapbook my mom and dad bought me from Anthro that's specifically designed for travel related pages which I will eventually fill. But this one I really wanted to some something fun with.


When I was in Jr. High and High school I had a weird love of cutting out pictures from magazines, usually my mom's copies of Victoria, and gluing them to notebooks, folder, or just pieces of paper and hanging them on my walls. My really pathetic diary from the time I was 17-19 was a composition notebook that I'd covered in a mish-mash of magazine clippings. Anthro catalogues were always a popular target of my snippings as well. I've always wanted to put together a "lookbook" of sorts for myself for each coming season. As fall catalogues have been coming in the mail, I finally decided to put one together using my scrapbook. There are still a few catalogues that I'm waiting for, but I thought I'd show you what I've done with it so far. I also used some old scraps from magazines that I've had since 2004. It was really nice to finally find a use for them!


I mostly put in clippings of things that inspire me for autumn or that just evoke images of fall for me. I really loved the fall Urban Outfitters catalogue. I loved the way they mixed hard and soft. Very pretty (even if the main model was a little on the drug-addicted-child-porn-star side.)!


The top and bottom images are some of the left over from 2004 ones. (The bottom picture is actually a Buffy the Vampire Slayer tribute which I was not supposed to watch at the time, but secretly loved.) I also used some rub-ons I have for scrap booking. I really tried to keep as little colour in the decorations as possible so that the focus was on the actual images. There are a few colourful ones, but only on pages with a few clippings.

This is one of my favourite pages.


yeah. I said it was things that inspired me, so... yeah.


These are some other 2004 clippings. The little accents on here are actual vintage sewing notions packaging. Whenever I finish using a vintage notion I cut out any interesting details of the packaging and save it for later projects. The two little ones are from zippers and the other is the backing from some vintage buttons.


That's all there is for now. I'm still waiting for a few catalogues and things to get here before I finish (the scrapbook is far from full so I can do this for all the following seasons!), but I really love the way it's come out so far. I'm hoping to scan them when it's finished, but I figured I'd show a little of what I've been working on lately!
Do you guys have a "lookbook" for fall? What's inspiring you?
by some miracle of God,
I know. I was pretty stinking happy about that.

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